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The Hippie Limo - Denver & Boulder's Premier Retro-Mod Vintage RideOur Limo Packages for 2013

The Hippie Limo offers limo packages for Weddings & Commitments, Formals, Date Nights, Nights (or Days) Out, Concerts, Photo Shoots, Films and more. We also offer Beer, Wine, and Spirits Tours in Boulder. You can read more about our different activities and rides under Current Events & Musings in the sidebar on the right of the page.

If you’re curious to know, you can get some idea of what you might expect to pay for any limo service in the Denver area using our article Denver & Boulder Limousine Options, Rates, and Advice.

You can also be inspired by images from celebrations around the world featuring vintage VWs on Pinterest.
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Below this section you will find more details on our offerings and rates, as well as some special pricing for specific events or requests, but here is our basic structure:

Our minimum booking is for 3 hours at $276.00. Each additional hour is $79.00/hour.

The Hippie Limo is available for service in the Denver & Boulder areas from April 1 to October 31.

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You can review the stories of other happy couples who have made the Hippie Limo a part of their special day’s celebration as well as find general advice on choosing and managing any limo service using on our Weddings & Committments page.

The Reception – $276.00 for 3 hours

Want to add a bit of flair to your trip to the ceremony or reception, or maybe make an unforgettable getaway? Just imagine the smiles on your guests’ faces when they see you arrive or depart in the Hippie Limo while your chosen soundtrack reverberates across the crowd. You can cruise in style and even blow kisses and wave while standing in the sunroof before we leave. If you want a few moments to yourselves we can cruise around for awhile before dropping you off and still have time for amazing photographs. This package includes three hours ($79.00 each additional hour). Remember, we have a six passenger maximum.

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The Special Day – $429.00 for 5 hours

You’ve been looking forward to this day for a while and you want the full royal treatment. The Hippie Limo will be at your disposal for 5 hours from wedding to reception to getaway. You also get 12 tickets to allow your choice of lucky guests (with signed waiver) to take one of two 15-minute joy rides during the reception. (Note that guests under the age of 18 can be included in these joy rides only if they are accompanied by a parent or guardian.) All guests will have access to driver-led “tours” of the limo throughout the day. If you like, we will park the limo in front of each location to let your guests know where they should be. This package includes five hours ($79.00 each additional hour). Remember, we have a six passenger maximum.

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A special occasion is any time that you step out of the every-dayness of your life for a celebration, event, or adventure.

Date Night for Two – $399.00 for 5 hours

You and your special someone deserve a treat, an evening to relax, enjoy one another’s company, have each other’s undivided attention, and go where your hearts take you. Look no further than the Hippie Limo to whisk you away to an evening of adventure and romance in retro style. This package includes five hours ($79.00 each additional hour) and is for two passengers only. This rate is discounted from our normal hourly rate because I know exactly what it is like to have little-to-no time to spend with your spouse or partner outside of the daily grind. Children make this particularly difficult, so . . .

== Married with (Young) Children Discount ==

Can’t remember the last time you and your partner did anything but laundry, chores, and childcare together? Does the word ‘Romance’ remind you both of a Ralph Lauren fragrance more than your day to day reality? Here’s an incentive to get out of the house and into one another again with a date night in the Hippie Limo.

          • Take $25 off for each child in your care, up to the age of 3 years
          • Take $15 off for each child in your care, ages 3-5 years

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The Night (or Day) Out – $429.00 for 5 hours

You’ve planned a good time for your posse that includes a restaurant, show, sporting event, club, concert, brewery, wine, or food tour, or other interesting set of destinations and you want to leave the driving to someone else so you can completely let go. The Hippie Limo will be the magic bus that will ferry you through your evening (or day) out. This is a great option for birthday parties; Rockies, Nuggets, Broncos, or Avalanche games; pub crawls, dining tours, rides to weddings, or general cruising. This package includes five hours ($79.00 each additional hour). Remember, we have a six passenger maximum.

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The Red Rocks Express – $509.00 for 6 hours

You’ve got the concert tickets, now you need a ticket to ride. Roll up to the Hippie Limo. The Red Rocks Express picks you and your entourage up from a single location and whisks you straight to Red Rocks amphitheater and then back again after the show. We’ll be waiting for you in the parking lot in case you need to leave early and if the concert runs just a little over, no extra charge. This package includes six hours with a half-hour grace period ($79.00 each additional hour thereafter). Remember, we have a six passenger maximum.

Regarding Tailgating: The Hippie Limo is not available for tailgating or other parking lot celebrations. For those seeking the more robust concert experience, you can find other Red Rocks limo service providers here.

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The Far-out Formal or Quinceañera – $429.00 for 5 hours

You’re all dressed up, you have someplace to go, and you plan to make heads turn and jaws drop when you get there! The Hippie Limo has you covered. You’ll definitely be too cool for school when you roll up with your beats announcing your arrival over the high-end sound system. Once stopped, you can take a few moments to stand in the sunroof, wave like royalty, and shout-out to your friends who now wish they’d been able to make an entrance as amazing as yours. This package includes five hours ($79.00 each additional hour). Remember, we have a six passenger maximum.

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Magical Mystery Tour – Depends!

Have something groovy or way-out in mind that we haven’t thought of here? Create your own perfect package and then give us a call and we will see what we can work out. Pricing will depend on the specifics of your request. In general, our rates are $279.00 for the initial three hour minimum and then $79.00 an hour for each additional hour. Some fees or surcharges may apply depending on how inventive and involved your tour will be (also, see the Travel Charges section below). Remember, we have a six passenger maximum.

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The Attention Getter – $249.00 for 8 hours

Want to make sure people know exactly where your event is? The Hippie Limo really grabs the attention of those passing by. We will park and leave the locked limo outside of your event next to your banner or sign for that extra visual splash for eight daylight hours. We offer discounts for multi-day placements or placements where we are allowed to display our Hippie Limo signs.

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The Crowd Pleaser – $549.00 for 8 hours

You want to do more than just get the attention of those passing by, you want to hold their attention and have a bit of a teaser to your main event. The Hippie Limo will be parked for eight daylight hours by your sign or banner and opened up and on display for four continuous daylight hours. The driver will give complementary “tours” of the limo, there will be period magazines and materials on display, and if you like, the music will be rockin’. Sorry, no rides.

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The Cameo Appearance – Free! (schedule and weather permitting)

The Hippie Limo loves parades and will participate in a parade for free. I will be inviting my friends and relatives to be my passengers and I will be displaying the Hippie Limo signs on the sides of the Microbus during the parade. At the parade officials’ discretion, we can roll with our stage-quality 60s soundtrack at crowd-pleasing volume or just loud enough for those of us in the limo to enjoy it.

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The Mobile Stage – Probably Free! (schedule and weather permitting)

Want something more interesting than a float to showcase one or two of your parade’s featured guests? Imagine your celebrity or person of note waving to the crowd from the Hippie Limo’s sunroof. Now THAT will make an impression! The limo’s super sound system can also provide a soundtrack that will easily fill up a block with the rich and clear music of your choice. The ride is free as long as the Hippie Limo sign can be displayed on the sides of the Microbus during the parade. Otherwise the cost is $79.00 for a one hour parade.

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Want to add an interesting prop or backdrop to a photo shoot or a bit of character to your film? Whether you are looking to take senior class pictures, classic monochrome art shots, or make a feature film, we might just be for you. Prices depend on the nature and length of the session. Generally speaking the rates are $89.00 for the first hour and $49.00 for each additional hour. Some travel costs may apply. Absolutely nothing that risks any sort of damage or requires any sort of change to the vehicle will be considered, with the sole exception that I will remove the radio and rear speakers for any projects that require a full vintage look.

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Are you trying to raise money for a good cause? Are you a non-profit, not-for-profit, or charity-based organization or group trying to raise money to benefit your community or one or more of its members? If so, then you may be eligible for a free package to use in your silent auction, display, promotion, or fund raiser. Contact us with the details of your organization and event to find out more. You can see some of our current and past donations as well as our latest activities under Current Events & Musings (in the sidebar to the right of the page).

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Want to give a fun and usual gift to a friend, family member, or special someone? What about a one-of-a-kind ride in the Hippie Limo? You can purchase any of our packages, yes, even a Wedding & Commitment Package, and you will receive a lovely gift certificate bearing your name, the package you are giving, and the receiver’s name placed ever so delicately in a handmade paper envelope. Your choice of hemp or standard paper. This would definitely be a once-in-a-lifetime gift (unless you purchase two gift certificates, of course). Remember, we have a six passenger maximum.

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Seasonal Availability

Because of the need to preserve our Samba from the damages of winter weather, the Hippie Limo is only available for service from April 1st through October 31st.

Travel Charges

Unless otherwise stated or arranged, the following base travel charges are included in all packages:

  • Denver Metro Area: Driver travel to the first pick up location and return to garage from the final drop off location if both locations are within a 30-mile radius of our garage ($1.00 charge for each additional mile, each way). Click here to see a map of the local free service area (highlighted in white). We are only able to service locations within a 50-mile radius of Denver’s city center. Click here to see a map of our regional service area (highlighted in yellow).
  • Mountain Areas: Driver travel to the event location if within a 1-hour drive time of Boulder’s city center ($1.00 for each additional minute of mountain travel to the event location, each way).

**Additional fees and surcharges may apply based on the particulars of your booking.**

Payment Options

Our payment options are pretty simple, we accept check or cash. We will also consider trade for goods and services and even donations to select charities in our names. Give us a call and we will discuss the options in more detail.

All packages require a $100.00 non-refundable deposit to guarantee availability. Final check payments must be received no less than 10 full business days prior to service (allowing the check time to clear our bank). Cash payments should be made upon arrival at your pick up location prior to service and placed in an envelope bearing the client’s name.

Gratuities are always appreciated but never required or expected.

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An Important Note on Alcohol

Please understand that we cannot serve or allow alcoholic beverages in the Hippie Limo. Having a few drinks before you board or while you are out is more than fine by us, and we certainly like helping those who have indulged themselves to refrain from driving and give them a chance to enjoy their jovial mood. That being said, the Hippie Limo is not a choice for cruises or outings where the primary goal is to be raucously intoxicated. If you and your group are looking for a “party bus” experience, there are several limo services in Denver that can meet your needs.

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An Important Note on Safety and Avoiding Damage

The following rules will apply while you are in the Hippie Limo for both the safety of the passengers and the prevention of damage to our Samba. Passengers will be held responsible for any damages:

  • No beverages other than bottled water are allowed
  • Seatbelts must be worn at all times while the vehicle is in motion or the engine is running
  • Seatbelts for this vehicle are the same as airline seatbelts (which were all that was available in 1965 in Germany) and I will instruct you accordingly in their use
  • No hands, feet, heads, or other parts of a body may be held outside of the sunroof while the vehicle is in motion or the engine is running
  • Passengers should not open the doors from the inside or outside. The doors are old and prone to breakage unless operated with great care and experience
    • This being said I will show you how to operate the doors in an emergency so you may exit under your own power
  • Passengers should never lean up against the vehicle because of the chance that sharp or protruding metals or plastics may scratch the paint

I will be going over these rules with you and your guests in person before we depart to be sure you are aware of them for your own safety, the requirements of my insurance, and the protection of the vehicle.

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Hippie Limo Out of Business – 11/22/2013

Please note that our business has closed as of 11/22/2013. This site is maintained as a sort of ”headstone” for our hard work and amazing rides. Under Current Events and Musings you will find a post that explains our decision and details our efforts to help this business succeed. Why the Hippie Limo Went Out of Business (A Subjective Retrospective) – 3/12/2014. Please take a moment to read it and learn more about our little experiment.