In the Press

The Hippie LimoCurious to know what the media is saying about us? Take a look at the links below. You’ll find that both the traditional outlets and more modern sources have greeted us with a great deal of enthusiasm and interest, not to mention more than a few smiles. If you want to know more about the Hippie Limo or have a press inquiry of your own, you can reach us through Contact & Booking or view our Press Release. 

Newspapers, Magazines, etc.

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Awards & Noteables

Learn and See More

Check out our Limo Packages & Rates and Beer, Wine & Spirits Tours to learn what we offer. You can reserve a ride or ask us a question through Contact & Booking. Otherwise you can learn more about The Hippie Limo using the links below:

  • Check out our activities in Current Events & Musings on the right sidebar.
  • See more of the Hippie Limo in the Photo Gallery.
  • Be inspired by pictures of celebrations featuring other vintage VW limos on Pinterest.
  • Take a look at The Experience to see what a ride is like in our classic limo.
  • Find reviews on our service at Wedding Wire.
  • Visit our YouTube Channel to see videos of our Samba in action.
  • Follow us on Twitter if you want real time updates on our adventures.
  • Like us on Facebook and make a friend smile!

Hippie Limo Out of Business – 11/22/2013

Please note that our business has closed as of 11/22/2013. This site is maintained as a sort of ”headstone” for our hard work and amazing rides. Under Current Events and Musings you will find a post that explains our decision and details our efforts to help this business succeed. Why the Hippie Limo Went Out of Business (A Subjective Retrospective) – 3/12/2014. Please take a moment to read it and learn more about our little experiment.

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