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The Hippie Limo - Denver & Boulder's Premier Retro-Mod Vintage RideBoulder Beer, Wine & Spirits Tasting Tours

The Hippie Limo is proud to showcase some of the finest selections in grain, grape, and honey spirits available in the Boulder area. We offer tasting tours on Saturdays and Sundays during our regular service season (April 1 – October 31). Tasting tours must be booked in advance. You can hire us for one of our tried-and-true tasting tours or by special arrangement you can create a custom tour from the companies and locations we have listed.

What You Can Expect from Our Tasting Tours

In general, our beer, wine, and spirits tasting tours:

  • Cost $69.00 per person – money well spent!
  • Require a minimum of 4 groovy passengers to book a tour (and a limit of 6 far-out ones)
  • Last 3 1/2 blissful hours ($79 for each additional hour)
  • Do not include entrance fees, tasting fees, or drinks (so enjoy and explore as your own pocketbook allows)
  • Consist of 3-4 tasting stops (depending on how long you choose to remain at each stop)
  • Pickup and drop off in the Boulder Public Library parking lot at Arapahoe and Broadway
  • Feature a scenic and relaxing trip up Boulder Canyon at the end of the tour (providing there is time remaining in the tour or you choose to pay the $79 charge for each addtional hour or part of an hour)

Our 5-foot open-air canvas sunroof, eight skylight windows, high-end sound system, and time-capsule 60’s interior (complete with period magazines and knick-nacks if you request) make any of our tasting tours, and in particular the cruise up Boulder Canyon, a time to remember! You can see what it is like to be in our Magic Bus by checking out The Experience section of our website, by reading the artciles on our rides under Current Events & Musings in the right sidebar, or by clicking the links to our services on our Hippie Limo main page.

Tasting Tour versus Brewery or Winery Tour

The Hippie Limo’s tasting tour includes ferrying you from one libation location to another for the 3 1/2 hours of your tasting tour. This does not include an actual tour at any facility. If you decide to take a tour then that time will be part of your 3 1/2 trip. If a brewery, winery, or spirit house offers tours, the available times are listed below along with tap or tasting room hours. We will work with you to help create the tasting and/or tour experience that meets your particular group’s needs.

Tasting Tour Departure and Dropoff Point

Tasting tourists and would-be connoisseurs for our beer, wine, and spirits tours will depart from and return to the Boulder Public Library parking lot at Arapahoe and Broadway.


The Upstarts Tour

The Powerhouses Tour


The Gang of Four


The Dynamic Duo

An Important Note on Alcohol

We are sorry, but we are not allowed to have or serve any alcoholic beverages inside the Hippie Limo. Should you desire to have some hydration between your stops we will provide bottled water. If you bring your own drink, only clear or lightly colored beverages are allowed.

An Important Note on Safety and Avoiding Damage

The following rules will apply while you are in the Hippie Limo for both the safety of the passengers and the prevention of damage to our Samba. Passengers will be held responsible for any damages:

  • Seatbelts must be worn at all times while the vehicle is in motion or the engine is running
  • Seatbelts for this vehicle are the same as airline seatbelts (which were all that was available in 1965 in Germany) and I will instruct you accordingly in their use
  • No hands, feet, heads, or other parts of a body may be held outside of the sunroof while the vehicle is in motion or the engine is running
  • Passengers should not open the doors from the inside or outside as they are old and prone to breakage unless operated with great care and experience
    • This being said I will show you how to operate the doors in an emergency so you may exit under your own power
  • Passengers should never lean up against the vehicle because of the chance that sharp or protruding metals or plastics may scratch the paint

I will be going over these rules with you and your guests in person before we depart to be sure you are aware of them for your own safety, the requirements of my insurance, and the protection of the vehicle.

Ready to Book Your Tour?

Go to Contact & Booking to schedule your one-of-a-kind tour today!

Hippie Limo Out of Business – 11/22/2013

Please note that our business has closed as of 11/22/2013. This site is maintained as a sort of ”headstone” for our hard work and amazing rides. Under Current Events and Musings you will find a post that explains our decision and details our efforts to help this business succeed. Why the Hippie Limo Went Out of Business (A Subjective Retrospective) – 3/12/2014. Please take a moment to read it and learn more about our little experiment.