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I am a teacher and educational developer who once-upon-a-time taught college English and Literature, but for the last fifteen years has worked developing and delivering professional corporate training. My infatuation with aircooled VWs began in the late 80s when I purchased my first car, a 1972 Volkswagen Beetle, for just $35 from a junkyard. The bug didn’t run and it didn’t steer and my mechanical knowledge ended at the awareness that the engine was in the rear. Guided by the amateur mechanic’s bible for old VWs, John Muir and Peter Aschwaden’s 1969 classic “How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive: A Manual of Step by Step Procedures for the Complete Idiot” I managed to get the car running and steering again.

Over the next seven years, prompted by a variety of needs from a car that ultimately accumulated 300,000 miles, I also learned how to rebuild the engine, front suspension, brakes, and even replace the transmission. What began with necessity developed into genuine love for vintage VWs, a love that was punctuated the first time I saw a 21-Window Deluxe Samba Microbus. An engine fire had left it nothing more than a burnt-out hulk, but the art-deco inspired lines, huge open sunroof, and split front windshield captured both my attention and my imagination. I spent the next 20 years trying to acquire one, which I finally did. After I made several upgrades and modifications for safety and performance I was ready for the road! Which brings us to today.

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Why Hippie Limo?

In 2009 with the birth of our first child and a confluence of other events I became a full-time at-home-dad. As you might imagine though the rewards are great the pay leaves more than a little to be desired. As a way to earn money to help support my family I dusted off an idea I had in 2000 of using a vintage microbus as a Hippie Limo. Encouraged by my wife I finally began the business in 2011 which was fortunate since by then we were expecting our second child. I am not a business person, and Hippie Limo is far from a full-time job for me, but it is an ideal opportunity for me to share the experience and joy of vintage VWs with others while earning some income in a flexible environment that allows me to care for my children and household. As an added bonus I get to drive my dream car more often, which puts a very large smile on my face.

I hope you choose our Magic Bus for your special occasion, whether you are interested in a genuine 60s flashback or just looking for a touch of the unusual. Who knows, you might be inspired to find and fix up one of these rare beauties yourself. If you want to learn more about old VWs check out The Samba.com which is the worldwide source for all things on aircooled VWs.

Richard Blake Owner, Operator, Mechanic, Enthusiast (and full-time dad of two)

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Check out our Limo Packages & Rates and Beer, Wine & Spirits Tours to learn what we offer. You can reserve a ride or ask us a question through Contact & Booking. Otherwise you can learn more about The Hippie Limo using the links below:

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Note: Hippie Limo Out of Business – 11/22/2013

Please note that our business has closed as of 11/22/2013. This site is maintained as a sort of ”headstone” for our hard work and amazing rides. Under Current Events and Musings you will find a post that explains our decision and details our efforts to help this business succeed. Why the Hippie Limo Went Out of Business (A Subjective Retrospective) – 3/12/2014. Please take a moment to read it and learn more about our little experiment. And, of course, take a look at the other businesses around the world trying to do what we did.