Amanda & Ryan’s Wedding: University of Denver – 8/31/2013

The Hippie Limo - Denver & Boulder's Premier Retro-Mod Vintage RideThis weekend the Hippie Limo left its usual Boulder stomping grounds to give Amanda, Ryan, and their wedding party a ride from their lodging at Denver’s Hyatt Regency Hotel to the Tuscan Ballroom at the University of Denver‘s Fritz Knoebel School of Hospitality Management. Stepping outside the pattern of most brides who use the Hippie Limo as a getaway car, Amanda hired our Wayback machine for two trips to take her and her party to their wedding venue.

The first passengers on the list were the groom’s party and the Father of the Bride. When I pulled into the Hyatt’s portico I saw a line of dapper gentlemen in flawlessly pressed gray and black toned tuxedos. Their faces wore the expected expressions of pre-wedding nervous joy and anticipation, but upon seeing our Samba those expressions quickly turned to amusement and appreciation. Cheers and bursts of laughter echoed from the younger men; the father of the bride simply gave an impressed nod and a bemused smile. Sunroof opened wide and wind in their hair, the gentlemen cranked up the volume for the rocking segment of our Wedding Playlist to hear The KinksYou Really Got Me Now.

“Man, I totally feel like I’m in the Wonder Years,” exclaimed someone from the back. “Yeah, this is like an awesome time machine,” replied another. Observations in a similar vein continued from the rest of the party, and a quick glance in the rearview mirror for a lane change revealed the father wearing the same deeply amused smile, indicating he was enjoying himself in his own quiet way. Just before heading back to the hotel to pickup the ladies the father took my hand, shook it firmly, and said, “That was a lot of fun.” Now I had his quietly amused smile on my face.

The ladies were similarly enchanted when it was their turn in our Magic Carpet Ride. When I first caught sight of the bridal party I thought I was seeing double. Amanda had a twin sister clad in a flowing bridesmaid’s dress. Impressed by their loveliness (and slightly tongue-tied), I found myself awkwardly remarking, “You both look gorgeous, but today one of you is just a little bit more stunning.” Embarrassed by a comment that could have come across as either witty or witless, I ushered five women into our Samba and closed the sunroof. Though the men had no qualms about wind-mussed hair, I knew the same would not be true of the women.

Volume noticeably quieter but enthusiasm in equal proportion, the ladies and I were off. The mother, wearing a flattering lace crochet dress, swayed slowly to the tunes and chatted with her daughters and friends about the big event to come. During the last few minutes of the ride I asked the ladies if they would like me to open the sunroof for their entrance. “Crank that sucker open,” directed Amanda while laughing. We arrived with the ladies ready to make their photo-perfect exit from the Hippie Limo. The photographer however was a bit tardy, so I backed up the microbus until I saw him arrive, his camera ready and focus set.

Before letting the women out I asked if they wanted to have a few pictures taken in their chariot. After a firm yes, I let the photographer carefully document the moment, occasionally letting him know about some great shots that only someone with experience with our Samba could know. Below you can see one of the results. When the paparazzi-like session was over, Amanda took my hand and thanked me deeply for adding a special touch to her day. After reloading some tools and utility bags that I had removed for the photos into the bus (every well-worn classic VW owner carries tools and parts – just in case), I headed for home . . . again wearing the father’s content smile.

Our best wishes for the couple. May their life together be as full of smiles as their wedding.

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