Cathy and Crew’s Beer Cruise: Boulder-to-Nederland – 8/18/2013

The Hippie Limo - Denver & Boulder's Premier Retro-Mod Vintage RideCathy’s plan for her ride in the Hippie Limo was a simple one. She and four friends would take a scenic, happy ride up Boulder Canyon for a pint at Nederland’s Very Nice Brewing Company and then head back down. Her plan was executed perfectly thanks to the Hippie Limo’s five-foot, open-air canvas sunroof, 1000-watt stereo with complete 60’s music catalogue, and perfect time-capsule experience.

When I picked up Cathy, her husband, and their mutual friends at the Boulder Library Parking Lot the first words (or more accurately the first sounds) out of their mouths were, “Oooh,” “Ahhh,” and “Amazing!” “This is the nicest bus I have ever seen,” remark one of the gentlemen with deep appreciation in his voice. In fact the whole party spent a good ten minutes just admiring the interior and exterior of our Samba (and taking the usual compliment of photographs) before piling inside.

Up the canyon we went with Cathy and the other passengers staring amazed out the sunroof and singing along to songs by The Rolling Stones, The Guess Who, and the regular The Who. About half way into the trip some rain began to fall and I was forced to close the sunroof for a bit. A collective and disappointed “Awwwww” echoed through our Wayback Machine. When the rain passed and I again opened the top to reveal the skies and mountains there was an equally enthusiastic and pleased “Hurray” that passed through their lips.

At the top we cruised to the brewpub where Cathy, Scott, Steve, Gail, and Melinda leaped out, eager to relish their pint. I on the other hand pulled out my polishing supplies to remove the road grime that always settles deep into the finish after a rainstorm. It seemed that the group returned to our Samba no sooner than they had left and then we were on our way back to Boulder. On the way Cathy and her friends engaged me with a great deal of questions about the Hippie Limo and about the history of VW Microbuses in general. I was delighted to answer their queries, and even more elated when everyone expressed their deep joy and appreciation for their experience.

Best wishes to all of those wonderful travelers and we hope to see them again on another brew tour.

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