Sarah & John’s Wedding: The St. Julian Hotel – 8/3/2013

The Hippie Limo - Denver & Boulder's Premier Retro-Mod Vintage Ride“I’ve just gotta have the Hippie Limo!” exclaimed Sarah in her first exchange with me. And have it she did! Sarah and her beau-to-be John were planning a destination wedding in Boulder from their native Texas. Boulder was not exactly a new town to the pair as they had earned their degrees at the University of Colorado and had spent their fair share of time wondering both the foothills trails and the campus pathways.

Sarah and John’s booking sets a record for least overall distance travelled in the Hippie Limo as both their pickup and drop off locations were the luxurious St. Julian Hotel in downtown Boulder. What was important to Sarah was not the destination, but the journey (and the departure). She wanted to make a stellar and striking exit, and what better way to do so than in our one-of-a-kind retro-mod ride. Speaking of stellar, Sarah and John chose a star-filled (courtesy of our 5-foot, open-air sunroof), romantic, and above-all quiet ride up Boulder Canyon to relax and reconnect after an exuberant and exhausting day (3 days, actually, if you count the time she arrived and began making preparations for her wedding). Luckily, Sarah did have some help from the amazing and artful talents of Jolene Greenbaum Peterson, lead event curator at Calluna Events, to bring all of the details together.

Our best wishes for the star-crossed lovers. May their life together always find the magic of their big day renewed. If you want to see the splendor of their wedding visit the site of Jenna Walker Photographers and get a look behind and in front of the curtains.


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