Cory’s Treasure Hunt Proposal: Downtown Denver – 8/3/2013

The Hippie Limo - Denver & Boulder's Premier Retro-Mod Vintage RideWhen Cory contacted the Hippie Limo three months ago he was already well into planning his proposal to Robyn. “I’m sending her on a treasure hunt leading to the place I’ll ask her to marry me,” he said, “would you be available?” “For an idea like that,” I replied, “Absolutely!”

Corey is the second man this year to show exceptional creativity and devotion in planning a special day for the love of his life (see Jay’s surprise ride for Karen), but he is the first ever to plan a one that preceded the wedding day entirely. His plan unfolded as follows:

While walking with Robyn and their young daughter past The Curtis in Denver, Cory excused himself on the premise of making a quick trip into the retro swank hotel. Instead he ducked out the back for his part of the plan. The Hippie Limo pulled up to the unsuspecting pair waiting on the curb, followed by the appearance of a mutual friend Meghan, who with camera in hand, was tasked with documenting the event.

Robyn discovered that she was now a woman on a mission. Meghan told Robyn that to find Cory she would have to begin by solving a riddle. According to Cory’s plan, the answer would direct Robyn to a place that held a special meaning for the couple. The Hippie Limo’s job was to whisk Robyn and their daughter to that special place where they would be met by someone they knew. These new co-conspirators would give Robyn another riddle to solve, leading her to yet another locale via our Samba’s capable transport, and so on. If Robyn solved all of the riddles successfully she would be reunited with Cory. Meghan then read Robyn the first riddle (which like all of the riddles were written in rhymed couplets, no less!) and with her quick, confident answer we were off.

Over the next two and a half hours Robyn, her daughter, Meghan, and the Hippie Limo carried on a merry search throughout the city. As promised, one or more of the couple’s friends or family members were at each location, standing ready with a smile, a new riddle, and a deep embrace. Our destinations included places such as The Keg Steakhouse and Bar, Sports Authority Field @ Mile High, Coors Field, and The Hyatt Regency Denver.

The final riddle led the trio to the top of the Denver Clocktower and its breathtaking event space where Cory waited in the atrium behind the giant clock face to pop the question. My instructions at that point were to wait about 90 minutes before returning to take the couple to the Old Chicago on Market Street where friends and family were gathering for a post-proposal celebration. I have no idea what occurred during those 90 minutes, but I am as sure as the sky is blue that they were some of the most romantic and meaningful minutes a couple and a family could share.

When the three emerged they were each beaming. During our short ride to the restaurant they all seemed to be awash in the moment. We wish them all the very best in their lives ahead . . . and wonder just how in the world Cory will top himself during their wedding. Maybe the Hippie Limo will be there to find out. If so, you can be sure you will hear about it, too.

Cory's Treasure Hunt Proposal for Robyn - Heading to the Future

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