Carol & Kyle’s Wedding: Greenbriar Inn – 7/20/2013

The Hippie Limo - Denver & Boulder's Premier Retro-Mod Vintage RideThe Hippie Limo made its first appearance at The Greenbriar Inn this week for Carol and Kyle’s wedding. The first sound to greet us when we arrived was the loud thumping of music and the free-range bantering of a DJ who apparently knew both how to stoke a crowd up as well as calm it down.

I jumped out of the driver’s seat to the tune of My Sharona and quickly began polishing up the nose of our Samba to be sure it shined bright in the moonlight for the photographers who were now gathering around it. Just as I finished a bridesmaid appeared inside a doorway carrying a suitcase and heading toward our Wayback Machine. The case belonged to the happy couple and I reached out to help load it into the vehicle. The bridesmaid stepped back, tearfully suggesting that she should be the one to put the case in to be sure it was safe. With great care, she placed it beside the middle seat and gave it a gentle pat and a quick wave for good measure.

Suddenly the DJ announced that it was “time for the bride and groom to head out to the ‘Hippy Bus.'” I dashed around just in time to see Carol and Kyle emerge from the Greenbriar’s portico. The couple still looked stunning even after a full day and night of meeting, greeting, vowing, dining, and dancing. The couple’s eyes glowed with the happy weariness that so many newlyweds have at the end of their big day. After waiving to their family and friends from the sunroof, the two sank together into their seat, ready to depart. What followed was a starry ride down a nearly deserted and completely dark Highway 36. During the ride the two quietly recounted the day’s events, raising their voices only to muse about the possibility of visiting a Taco Bell drivethru before retiring to their room at the Hotel Boulderado.

I pulled up to the Boulderado’s main entrance, opened the doors, and announced the new couple to the crowd milling about in front. Carol and Kyle passed slowly through the outer doors of the Hotel and into their new life as husband and wife.

As I closed the Hippie Limo’s doors and prepared to leave I heard someone calling to me from behind. A man in a gray suit announced that earlier that day I had picked up his daughter and son-in-law and brought them to their reception at the Rembrandt Yard directly across the street from the Boulderado. The reception was just winding down, and it suddenly occurred to me that the Hippie Limo had been involved in an entire day of celebrations, in one form or another.

Our best wishes to Carol and Kyle on their next big adventure . . . marriage!

Carol & Kyle's Wedding - The Greenbriar Inn - Lyons, CO - Hippie Limo

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