The Hippie Limo Prepares for its 2013 Season with Adam’s Premium Car Care and the VWEC Show & Shine

The Hippie Limo - Denver & Boulder's Premier Retro-Mod Vintage RidePeople who love cars check their schedules (and occasionally make abrupt turns) whenever they spot an auto club’s “Show & Shine” event. For those unfamiliar with this pilgrimage for car aficionados, a Show & Shine is where owners of remarkable classic and modern vehicles gather in public alongside casual observers to admire each others’ rides, learn how to add that extra sparkle to a shine, bring back life to a faded finish, or fix blemishes made while attempting any of the above.

If you want to take the experience of a Show & Shine to a whole new level, make it a point to attend an event hosted by Adam’s Premium Car Care, a purveyor of the finest (and arguably the most dummy-proof) exterior and interior car cleaning and polishing products made in the USA. The company’s president and founder, Adam Pitale, is a master detailer and apparent stand-up comedian whose informative, entertaining, and interactive presentation on revitalizing and maintaining your car’s finish turns any show and shine into a Shine with a Show!

During his detailing clinics, Adam calls upon 20+ years of experience, an impressive combination of industry knowledge, product awareness, and daily practice, as well as possible insights into the little-known apocryphal auto polishing references in the Dead Sea Scrolls, to provide both novice and nuanced detailers with an array of tips, tricks, and techniques. Not only will Adam show his audience what to do while using a real customer’s car as an example, he will give them the chance to practice what he preaches by asking volunteers to step up and get true hands-on experience with his products and processes under his guidance.

The Hippie Limo had the chance to experience all of this first-hand at Adam’s German Made Detail Clinic and Auto Show, co-hosted by the Volkswagen Enthusiasts of Colorado (VWEC). As part of our preparations for our new season of adventures as well as our membership in the VWEC, I took our Samba to Adam’s World Headquarters in Louisville, CO for his clinic and was so impressed by what I saw that I decided to leave the Hippie Limo in the capable hands of his staff for a nose-to-decklid auto spa day.

If you want to experience one of these clinics for yourself check out the Events page at the Adam’s Premium Car Care website. If your schedule is a bit tight you can have the virtual experience of meeting Adam and learning from him and his staff on his Videos page where you will find dozens of professional-quality video tutorials that will help you rejuvenate (or even resuscitate) your car’s finish on your own. The company’s Forums page provides a great way to interact with Adam’s staff and other amateur and professional detailers to get and share advice over the inter-webs. To purchase any of Adam’s products you can go to his Online Store or visit the company’s Dealer page to find a local retailer. (I get my Adam’s fix at McGuckin Hardware in Boulder.)

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