Myah’s Sweet 16 Birthday Celebration – 10/27/2012

The Hippie Limo - Denver & Boulder's Premier Retro-Mod Vintage RideMyah’s mother Pam called me about a month ago and began the conversation with, “My daughter Myah loves everything about the 60’s! She and her friends are an eclectic bunch and I think it would be great to surprise them with a ride in Hippie Limo for Myah’s 16th birthday.” I asked Pam what sort of ride she had in mind. After a long pause she said, “Let me get back to you on that.”

A week or so later Pam called back with a great idea. She would take her daughter and her friends to the downtown Denver edition of The Cheesecake Factory for dinner followed by a visit to the best, scariest haunted house her husband could find – Denver’s very own The Asylum. When I arrived to pick up the gang for their evening out I could see that Pam had done a very good job of keeping the Hippie Limo a surprise. “Ohh myyyy GAWD!” exclaimed Myah. “No way! That is so cool!” echoed her friends. A quick glance at the smile on Pam’s face confirmed that she felt rewarded by the crowd’s reaction. While the girls were exploring the bus I loaded the bags containing Myah’s birthday presents into the back of our Samba. I couldn’t help but notice that one of the gift bags had an imprint of The Avengers on it. Yet again confirmation that only people with the best tastes choose to ride in the Hippie Limo.

The evening went by extremely fast despite it being a four-hour booking. It was filled with good tunes and joyful laughter. I discovered that Pam was right about her daughter’s tastes. Before meeting Myah I cannot say I would have imagined a 16-year-old who could carry on a discussion with her peers about the unique sounds of Cream or the merits of Eric Clapton, not to mention one who would immediately recognize Donovan and know all the words to Sunshine Superman. At the end of the evening I let the birthday girl and each of her friends take a moment to pose behind the wheel of the Hippie Limo for photos before I headed home from what was the final gig for the Hippie Limo’s 2012 season. I considered how fortunate I had been to have given these young women a chance to experience a bit of the era that they apparently appreciated so much.

The Hippie Limo - Myah's Sweet 16 Birthday

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