Jim’s 70th Birthday at Frog Belly Farm: Longmont, CO – 10/27/2012

The Hippie Limo - Denver & Boulder's Premier Retro-Mod Vintage RideCheryl and Jim Hogan saw the Hippie Limo at the June G’Knight Ride in Longmont’s inspirational Prospect New Town. We were beside The Daily Cake, a cupcake company based in Longmont. This spot gave us the opportunity to get the attention of vintage VW fans and those with a sweet tooth for quality confections. Unbeknownst to Jim, the moment Cheryl saw us  she was inspired to include the Hippie Limo in her husband’s upcoming 70th birthday celebration.

The theme for the party was the 60’s, and the location was Frog Belly Farm, a local all-natural, organic farm committed to restoring the bond between people, food, and nature. Cheryl wanted the Hippie Limo to collect her husband, select family and friends, and herself at their house and take a short cruise before arriving at the venue. When I stopped in the driveway and shut off the engine I could hear whoops of laughter rise from the house. Shortly I saw Jim open the front door. He was wearing a tye dye bandanna, a hand-weaved vest, a shirt bearing the imprint of a split-window bus, and a smile.

He walked up to me, gave me a firm hand shake as we exchanged introductions, and off-handedly remarked, “Well, that’s just about right” nodding in the direction of bus. I agreed and told him that our Samba has been restored to exactly as it sat on the dealer floor in 1965, every color, fabric, and trim . . . with the exception of a 1000-watt sound system. That prompted another smile from his kind face. Soon the family had filed out of the home, each in their own take on 60’s garb. There were more than a few photo flashes before we managed to board and begin our journey to Frog Belly Farms, but each shot was a piece of gold (as you can see from a selection of them below).

The route was pretty much split evenly between paved and dirt roads, and my guests got to feel the difference between modern and vintage suspension systems quite personally (one of the reasons I do not allow beverages in the Hippie Limo – what feels like going over a pebble in modern car feels more like a boulder in a bus). When we made our grand entrance at the farm there was only one person lingering at the door to the barn where the party was to take place. I saw the loiterer’s eyes blossom wide when he saw us and then quickly open the door and shout inside. In less time than it took for me to stop and come around to the passenger side to open the doors a crowed had gathered.

Each party-goer was dressed in a version of 60’s clothing, from full-on hippie to swingin’ ultra mod. Both Abbie Hoffman and Dean Martin would have been proud of the wardrobe selections. The crowd slowly transition from bashful to bold as they posed for pictures next to our Microbus along with Jim and Cheryl. Drinks began flowing freely and the scent from the outdoor smoker signaled that the real party was about to begin. I again shook Jim’s hand, wished him a happy 70th birthday, and commented that I hoped I would look as good as him when my 60th birthday came!

The Hippie Limo - Jim Hogan's 70th Birthday - The Groovy Couple - Frogbelly Farm

The Hippie Limo - Jim Hogan's 70th Birthday - The Crowd Gathers - Frogbelly Farm

The Hippie Limo - Jim Hogan's 70th Birthday - Posing with Friends - Frogbelly Farm

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