Miriah & Dale’s Wedding: The Chapel at Red Rocks and The Curtis Hotel – 10/19/2012

The Hippie Limo - Denver & Boulder's Premier Retro-Mod Vintage RideThe Hippie Limo has long been hoping for a chance to visit the ultra-swank, mid-century mod The Curtis Hotel in downtown Denver. Miriah’s call asking the Hippie Limo to ferry her and her bridesmaids from The Curtis to The Chapel at Red Rocks in Morrison, CO and back was just the opportunity we had been waiting for.

Miriah’s call came as I was walking with my children to the local Isabelle Farm to pick some carving pumpkins as part of the day’s art project. She told me that she was thrilled to have found the Hippie Limo and couldn’t wait to have it as part of her wedding. “The pictures,” she said, “were going to be amazing.” When I pulled up to The Curtis to await Miriah and her entourage I found myself in line behind three stretch limos waiting to take Miriah’s guests up to the beautiful and intimate Chapel at Red Rocks for the wedding ceremony. A few last-minute arrangements and wardrobe checks along with a couple of wonderful photo ops meant that we were heading away from The Curtis well after the other limos had departed. However, we somehow still managed to arrive at the venue a good ten minutes before them.

As I helped Miriah out of our Samba I noticed her fine selection of shoes for the occasion, a pair of white, purple, and orange Nikes. She smiled at me and remarked, “There’s no reason why a bride should be uncomfortable on her wedding day, is there?” I couldn’t agree more. While the wedding party prepared and the guests milled about outside, I took advantage of a small cloister alongside the chapel to sit, reflect, and read a book. The ceremony was short and benefited from one of the most amazing views of the Red Rocks themselves I have seen short of the Red Rocks Trading Post within the park. Miriah, her new husband Dale, and their photographer were in our Microbus quick as a flash (if you’ll pardon the pun) to travel up the road a short ways from the chapel to take advantage of the fading light for a few more photos.

As quick as we were up we were back down at the chapel and saddling up for the ride back to The Curtis for the reception. Though the booking was for the standard three-hour minimum, I felt like the whole affair had been a whirlwind of activity. Our best wishes to the new couple in their lives together.

The Curtis Hotel - Downtown Denver - The Hippie Limo

Miriah & Dale's Wedding - Quick Pose Outside The Curtis - The Hippie Limo - The Curtis Hotel in Denver

Miriah & Dale's Wedding - Bridesmaids Galore - The Hippie Limo - The Chapel at Red Rocks

Miriah & Dale's Wedding - The Bride Being Comfortable - The Hippie Limo - The Chapel at Red Rocks

Miriah & Dale's Wedding - The View - The Hippie Limo - The Chapel at Red Rocks

Miriah & Dale's Wedding - The New Couple - The Hippie Limo - The Chapel at Red Rocks

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