Juliet’s Sweet 16 Birthday – 10/1/2012

The Hippie Limo - Denver & Boulder's Premier Retro-Mod RideJuliet’s mom Cathy was looking for something special to do for her daughter’s Sweet 16 birthday. She decided she would give Juliet a special night-on-the-town with her friends in Boulder, but somehow getting there via a ride in the family SUV just didn’t seem to have that special touch. Enter the Hippie Limo! One call and Cathy had booked our WayBack machine (a Way, Way, Way Back machine for the birthday girl) as part of the surprise for Juliet and her friends Madeline, Julie, Daria, Dustin, and Sophia.

When I pulled into the family’s driveway I was greeted by Cathy who explained that Juliet and her friends were inside but hadn’t seen the limo yet. In a few moments the group emerged from the back door and their eyes lit up in admiration, appreciation, and in one certain case, a bit of confusion indicating the “what the heck is that?” look the Hippie Limo sometimes gets from people who have never seen a Microbus before. The crowd headed down the stairs, Juliet identified as the birthday girl by the pink tiara she wore with a mixture of joy and embarrassment.

Cameras, camera phones, and the eyes of amused and intrigued neighbors and passers-by were all on Juliet and her friends as they posed for a few photographs before climbing into our Samba. “Where IS Dustin?” asked several of the young women insistently. A barrage of frantic texting ensued, but no one appeared. “We’re going without him!” said someone, followed by a series of “Whoo hoo’s!’ that were an expression of excitement about the coming ride rather than at the absent Dustin. I have to admit I was confused by Dustin’s choice not to join his friends. An all-expenses paid evening including dinner at The Med, a ride in the Hippie Limo, and the company of five beautiful women . . . a not-to-be-missed occasion, if you ask me.

Wind from our five-foot open-air canvas sunroof was in their hair and a 1000 watts of Beatles music from our sound system was in their ears as the ladies sang and danced in their seats on the way to Boulder. I am not sure if the young women noticed all of the smiles and acknowledgements they received on their trip, but the occasional laughter accompanied by pointing out the windows told me that they had seen enough to know they were the center of attention on the road. I dropped Juliet and her friends off in front of The Med and headed off to park on Pearl St. to await their summons.

The group had a long dinner, but it was a school night after all, so they were on their way home well before the wee hours of the morning. On the way back to Juliet’s house I let her plug her iPod into our sound system so the crew could jam to their own favorite tracks. After having provided transportation for clients from 16 to 64, I think I can confidently say that the children of the 2000’s and the children of the 1960’s are the only passengers who are guaranteed to test the limits of the Hippie Limo’s speakers. I think it is a derivation of the adage “If it’s too loud, you’re too old” and a corollary “If you’re older, it’s not loud enough.” 😉

Juliet's Sweet 16 Birthday - Her Posse - The Hippie Limo

Juliet's Sweet 16 Birthday - Ready to Roll - The Hippie Limo

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One response

  1. Juliet Faughnan

    Loved my 16th Birthday and the Hippie Limo was the best part!! Thanks mom for setting me up and to my great friends for making the night special!!! Love Juliet

    October 10, 2012 at 7:52 AM

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