Lana & Allen’s Wedding: Mount Vernon Country Club – 9/22/2012

The Hippie Limo - Denver & Boulder's Premier Retro-Mod Vintage RideThe Hippie Limo‘s most recent late-night excursion was to the Mount Vernon Country Club to pick up Lana and Allen for their ride to the Hotel Monaco, the official starting point for their honeymoon. The newlyweds were ready to go the moment we arrived and their guests were already collecting outside to give them a warm farewell despite the comparatively chilly evening temperatures.

On spotting the Hippie Limo’s approach, one of Lana’s bridesmaids sprang into action and organized the guests and wedding party into mirrored exit lines on either side of the red carpet leading from the venue’s polished oak and brass entryway to our Samba’s gleaming red and white doors. I caught a glimpse of the couple as they navigated (and occasionally dodged) the crowd inside and noticed that they did not have coats. Having not seen any warm clothing at hand among the items I had already loaded for them, I quickly slipped inside the Microbus and laid out two blankets for Lana and Allen in case they wanted to ride with the five-foot canvas sunroof rolled back.

When I turned around I was startled to see several dozen large sparklers suddenly ignite above Lana and Allen’s heads as they dashed down the swelling gauntlet of well-wishers. Specks of bright, white light fell everywhere as I helped the breathless and smiling couple into their seats. Just as I was about to introduce myself, a photographer ushered me to the far side the bus’ doorway and began snapping pictures. Soon he was joined by another and suddenly amid all the flashing lights I began to wonder if these were Paparazzi instead of wedding photographers and whether I had accidentally picked up a pop music duo rather than a pair of newlyweds. A quick glance in the couple’s direction after the cameras withdrew revealed the flushed faces of a young couple a bit torn between their immense and sincere appreciation for the love and support they were receiving and their eagerness to exchange the constant limelight of the day for the gentle candlelight of the evening to come.

I made eye contact with Lana and Allen and wordlessly pointed first to the open sunroof and then to the blankets before giving the pair a questioning look. Knowing I would not be able to hear their words from their seats, they both motioned that they wanted the sunroof open and would very much appreciate the blankets. I indicated for them to buckle their seat belts and then unfolded the blankets. Suddenly the action-oriented bridesmaid from earlier appeared and gave her bride one final inspection. She gingerly reached down and tucked in the hem of her bride’s wedding gown far beyond the reach of the door, smiled sweetly to her, then seemingly just to herself, and then asked in an uncertain voice filled with bitter-sweet tremors, “Is she ready?” At that moment she sounded and looked like every mother who has ever sent her little girl off to her first day of school, week at camp, or semester at college. I smiled. For no reason I can completely explain, I said, “She’s fabulous. Thanks to you.”

At last we pulled away into the near-moonless night. The chilled air, relative quiet, and lulling darkness that followed was as much of a contrast to the maelstrom of activity that had preceded as one could ask. I could both hear and feel Lana and Allen melt into the seats and into each other’s arms in the back. Lana asked if we could keep the sunroof open until we reached the highway and then close it until we were in the city. I said of course. The two exchanged stories about the day in quiet revere for the rest of the trip . . . until we reached downtown Denver when their energy levels rebounded.

Noting their newfound vigor, I suggested that we take some time to make a few passes through LoDo with the sound system cranked before we went to their hotel. Their response was enthusiastic! The next 20 minutes found us inching our way through the throngs of revelers in the streets and becoming the focus of attention for every bar with a patio and every pedestrian with the ability to turn their head. Camera phone flashes winked in the shadows and smiles glinted in the street lights all of the way through the district. Lana and Allen took it all in, waiving and smiling to the strangers as if they were royalty on parade. When at last we reached the entrance to the Hotel Monaco the streets were quiet as were Lana and Allen. After I unloaded their belongings into a bellhop cart, the couple thanked me for an amazing ride, remarking that they had both done the “limo thing” lots of times before, but that this trip had been something special. I bid them farewell and headed home, happy that even amid the amazing sendoff they received, Lana and Allen still felt that their ride in the Hippie Limo was something special.

Images below courtesy of James Ellison Photography.

Lana & Allen's Wedding: Mount Vernon Country Club - Raising the Roof - The Hippie Limo

Lana & Allen's Wedding: Mount Vernon Country Club - Cheek to Cheek - The Hippie Limo

Lana & Allen's Wedding: Mount Vernon Country Club - Ready to Roll - The Hippie Limo

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