Tim’s Annual Marine Corps Buddies Reunion: Lafayette, CO – 9/21/2012

The Hippie Limo - Denver & Boulder's Premier Retro-Mod Vintage RideTim and his buddies Rick and Bill met in Vietnam during the war in 1969. All were marines – tough as nails and sharp as knives. The bonds they formed back then have not only stood the test of time, but have grown stronger. Every year at the end of September the three reunite here in Colorado. Every year they include one very special event in their celebration. This year it was an evening out in the Hippie Limo.

You wouldn’t recognize the “sharp as knives” part of their former selves now, except in regards to their wit and intellect, which are substantial. (I suspect they broke the “jarhead” stereotype back in the day, as well.) The gang piled into the Hippie Limo about 7:00 on a Friday evening for a trip of nostalgic revelry. To her great credit, Tim’s girlfriend Cheri chose to join them, a fact that should be considered if ever someone was to make a bid for her saint-hood.

Tim was a bit slower boarding than the rest due to his long yet amazing recovery from a 40 ft. fall while rock climbing in Boulder Canyon. Bill and Rick gave Tim the sensitivity and respect he’d earned from his recovery when they suggested that they either carry him into the bus and stack him on the floor liked corded wood or drive with a door open and his foot sticking out just so we could get going.

“Man, I haven’t been in one of these since I was a kid!” exclaimed Bill from the vantage point of the rear seat. I remarked that he may not have been in “one of these” at all and proceeded to roll back the five-foot canvas sunroof and pop-open the front safari windows. “Ain’t that something!” commented Rick. I asked if anyone had some special music requests for our Samba’s 1000-watt sound system. “You got any Creedence?” asked Rick, which is now a familiar response to my question from so many previous rides. I queued up my standard playlist which includes The Stones, Steppenwolf, The Who, The Guess Who, and a few other oft-requested tunes and got the show on the road.

First we headed out for a short cruise through an area where there were no street or city lights to let the crew have an unobstructed view of the heavens through the sunroof. Then we headed for the highway to the sounds of Born to Be Wild and in short order stopped to take in the majestic front range mountains and Boulder city lights from the Boulder Scenic Overlook. The road then took us to Louisville for a couple of “parade runs” through its trendy downtown nightlife, each of which were greeted by more waves, peace signs, thumbs-up, and cheers than you could count. Our last destination was to downtown Lafayette where the city’s Art Night Out was just winding down. The group decided they would have a bit of ice cream at a local favorite purveyor of top-notch ice creams and treats, Eats & Sweets (which was incidentally voted Best of the West for food and drink by Yellow Scene Magazine) before concluding the evening.

Their sweet tooths satisfied, Tim, Cheri, Bill, and Rick all gathered back in the Hippie Limo for the final leg of their journey in our Wayback Machine. “Absolutely astounding” said Tim as got out of his seat. “Oh Yes!” exclaimed Rick, “very memorable!” I bid farewell to them, thinking about their fast friendship and hoping that I am as lucky as they are to have such dedicated friends in my later years. Best wishes to the men who ironically now “make love, not war” 😉

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