The Hippie Limo Wins “Best of Show” at the 2012 Denver Modernism Motorama Car Show

The Hippie Limo - Denver & Boulder's Premier Retro-Mod Vintage RideAs our dedicated follower(s) know, the Hippie Limo recently blogged about it’s plans to attend the Denver Modernism Show as well as set up a display at its automotive cousin, the Motorama Car Show. Little did I know what mojo was at work in those plans. Not only did I discover some treasures of retro-mod art, furniture, architecture, and culture in the Denver area, the Hippie Limo won the popular vote for “Best in Show” at the motorama!

The award was presented by the Denver Modernism Show’s Compère-beyond-Compare, Charles Phoenix. Apparently Mr. Phoenix is quite popular among today’s crazy kids who are obsessed with their Dungarees, J. D. Salingers, and 45 RPM records. This explains why he was completely unknown to me. Having now visited his website, learned a bit about him, and explored his NPR street cred, I wish I had taken more time to chat with this sommelier and self-described ambassador of America’s kitschy-pop past, present, and future. As it was, I only snapped one solitary image of the lanky time-traveller in his polyester stripped suit before moving on (and nursing a day-long, inexplicable craving for Beech-Nut Gum afterward).

As long as you are here you might consider going over to In the Press to see all the awards we have won as well as the media and blogosphere coverage we have garnered.

Take a look below to see who else stopped by to visit with the Hippie Limo.

The Denver Modernism Show 2012 - Motorama Car Show - Hippie Limo Montage featuring Charles Phoenix

While exploring the wares and exploits of the various vendors at the Denver Modernism Show I happened upon a few below that commanded my special attention (and yours as well, I hope):

  • Stevotomic – Atomic Metal Art Sculptures
    Fabulous fifties inspired dimensional metal sculpture. Put these on your walls and you’ll make Matt Helm look square!
  • Mid Century Mike – Home Furnishings & Accessories
    Meet Mike, an artist who is ‘crazy’ about mid-century furniture, architecture, cars, food, apparel, and everything that made up the 1950’s and 1960’s.
  • modmood – Gallery of Modern Furnishings
    Unique retailer selling old and new modern, contemporary, and vintage furnishings and finishes.
  • Gestalt Collectables – All Things Mid-Century Modern and More
    Michael Parks – Owner – 303.249.3315
  • Modern in Denver – Architecture, Design, Art, People
    Celebrating modern design and living in Colorado.
  • Y.Rosemary Fivian, Architect, Inc. – Green and Graceful Modern Design
    Architects creating award-winning design solutions for residential and small commercial projects.
  • Mid Mod & More – The Urban Gallery
    A funky-cool retro gallery for home furnishings with an emphasis on mid-modern and vintage pieces.
  • Craig Patterson Fine Photography – Automotive, Car Shoots, Astrophotography
    Well-executed photoshoots that can make your dream car or collection be a part of you forever.

More Parade & Show Adventures!

Curious about the fun we have had with the Hippie Limo? We have stories and pictures galore:

  • Look under Current Events & Musings in the right sidebar for the most recent rides
  • Visit Parades & Shows for a complete rundown of all of our related activities
  • Peruse our Photo Gallery to see some of the best images groups have shared
  • Hop over to In the Press to see what the media and blogosphere are saying about us
  • Preview a ride in the Hippie Limo from The Experience
  • Click on the services listed on the Hippie Limo main page to explore other fun options

When you’re ready, check out our Limo Packages & Rates or our Beer, Wine & Sights Tours to see what  we can do for your special occasion!


Did you attend this event? Do you have something to add? Tell us about it with a comment in the Leave a Reply box below. If you need help making a comment, see the instructions on our Word on the Street page.

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2 responses

  1. Great looking bus.

    August 29, 2012 at 8:24 AM

  2. Hello Richard,

    This is ‘quite’ belated, however I want to thank you for my ‘honorable mention’ in your very interesting Blog !!

    Ms Retro and I would have enjoyed visiting with you more, however we sincerely appreciated you taking the time to come to our booth and for introducing yourself!

    You took some really wonderful photos of she and Charles Phoenix, and I know they were happy to ‘oblige’!

    When I meet folks interested in a ‘unique Limo experience, I will definately refer them to your ‘site’ !

    Thank you again for ‘including’ me!

    It was my pleasure meeting you, and I will look forward to seeing you at the ‘next’ Mod show and hopefully ‘sooner’ !


    Mike McKeen

    October 1, 2012 at 8:56 PM

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