Kendra & Justin’s Wedding: Crooked Willow Farms – 8/26/2012

The Hippie Limo - Denver & Boulder's Premier Retro-Mod Vintage Ride“We saw the Hippie Limo and right then it was a done deal!” That is what Kendra told me after I dropped her and her new hubby Justin off at The Inverness Hotel and Conference Center in Englewood, CO. The couple had hired our Samba to make a classy getaway following their wedding and reception at Crooked Willow Farms in Larkspur, CO. By all indications, it was one heck of a party!

When the Hippie Limo arrived at Crooked Willow Farms the evening’s festivities were just getting under way. I heard the DJ announce the first dance from the second-story window of the U-shaped building that was the venue. The building looked like it had formerly been a very large stable that had undergone such an elegant and dramatic remodel that it was hard to recognize it as such. The courtyard inside the arms of the U was beautifully landscaped and immaculately manicured and looked like an English garden nestled within a stone terrace. I crossed the courtyard and climbed the corkscrew stares up to the rustic dance area where I let the bride know the Hippie Limo had arrived.

Kendra was in such a state of flustered joy that I hesitated to even approach her. I could see the whirlwind that must have been the events of the day still spinning in her eyes, but I also saw the combination of elation, fulfillment, and relief that defines nearly every bride as she sees the finish line approaching to that happiest but also most draining of days. After simply introducing myself I stepped back outside to wait in the courtyard. I did take a quick detour to the other side of the building to take a look at the dining hall that was currently being cleaned by the staff. It was lined on both sides with large windows and had French doors at the end. The inside looked liked it had been outfitted by an expert in fine, vintage restaurant design.

In a couple of hours the guests began to trickle out. A few lined up in front of our Microbus, thinking that perhaps it was the bus that had been hired to take them to the hotel. In this particular case I had been retained just to be the livery for the lucky couple. Only moments after I explained why I was there a very large luxury charter bus rolled up on the other side of the Hippie Limo creating quite the visual contrast. Another half hour saw Kendra and Justin and their remaining guests flowing down the stairs and into the courtyard. The bridal party formed a canopy for the couple to run through on their way to the bus.

A few poses for photographs was all that separated them from their final getaway. It was close to midnight before we were off and cruising the back-country roads on our way to Kendra and Jusin’s hotel. The couple had their playlist going on our sound system at about half the system’s capacity (which is pretty loud) and settled into gentle cuddles and enthusiastic reminiscing about the day as they finally had some precious time just for themselves. I could almost feel the warmth from them radiating all of the way to the front of the bus, despite the cool air flowing in through the sunroof (which I suppose was technically now a moonroof since it was letting in the lunar glow from outside).

The couple had about a half-hour to themselves during the ride, and when we pulled into the Inverness driveway I could tell it had done them a world of good. As I opened the door for them and began unloading some of their baggage from rear hatch Kendra and Justin came around to the back of the bus and thanked me profusely for an amazing trip. Kendra offered me a pastry from the box the caterer had brought out to them prior to departing and told me that the couple would definitely tell others about the Hippie Limo. Then the two of them once again entered the fray of guests and photographers, happy and ready for the next stage of the evening.

We wish all the best for Kendra and Justin, and are particularly glad that we had the chance to meet them and be part of their celebration.

Kendra & Justin's Wedding - The Newly Minted Couple! - Crooked Willow Farms - The Hippie Limo

Kendra & Justin's Wedding - Taking a Breath - Crooked Willow Farms - The Hippie Limo

Kendra & Justin's Wedding: Crooked Willow Farms - Dancing in the Streets - The Hippie Limo

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