Jeff’s Bachelor Party with the Hippie Limo and Stranahan’s Distillery – 8/11/2012

The Hippie Limo - Denver & Boulder's Premier Retro-Mod Vintage RideIf you are lucky enough to have the Hippie Limo be the transport for your bachelor party it means two things. First, it means that you have a great friend like Mic Wilborn, who despite his self-described lack of coordination skills, is dedicated to hunting up and arranging only the very best in funky fresh retro fun for the man of honor and his mates. Second, it means that you have convinced me that though you and your crew will be indulging in the usual “final night of freedom” activities, you will be doing so in a safe, sane, and respectful manner.

Mic won on both of these counts when he booked the Hippie Limo to take him, the groom-in-waiting Jeff Dodd, and his friends Justin Henry, Kyle Meyer, Kyle Judson, and Kevin Bransfield for a Hippie Limo cruise and a tour of Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey distillery as a part of their bachelor party. Though the group knew they were going to tour one of Colorado’s finest makers of small-batch distinctive whiskey, they did not know the actual manner they were getting there. When the Hippie Limo pulled into Jeff’s driveway I could hear a roar of laughter and an “Oh my God!” echo from the open windows.

I was only barely out of the driver’s seat when the gang began filing out of the house and walking around the microbus in amazement, appreciation, and in one case, skepticism. “You sure this thing has enough horse power to pull all of us there?” asked one of Jeff’s friends cautiously. Mic then mention that I had a load of self-identified gear-heads climbing on board, so I explained that the Hippie Limo has seen engine, suspension, and braking upgrades, and though all of the original equipment would have done just fine, no one needed to worry about having to get out and push. Jeff piped up and said “Man, you got any Creedence in this thing?” I smiled to myself. What self-respecting Hippie Limo would leave the garage without a full playlist of Creedence Clearwater Revival ready to go?

We arrived at Stranahan’s in short order. Mic, Jeff, and the others disembarked, but not before I had them pause for a quick photo op with the Hippie Limo which would be suitable for framing. After telling me they would be done with their tour in a little over an hour, the would-be connoisseurs sauntered into the single door that serves as the entrance to both the distillery and the Rackhouse Pub. A quick check on Yelp! assured me that the Rackhouse Pub, a favorite because of its use of local ingredients, firm committment to NOT frying foods, and selection of 20 craft beers and 50 fine whiskies, would be a fine place to wait for the revellers.

A half-rack of delicious ribs and two iced teas later I received a text telling me that the gentlemen would be ready to leave in about 15 minutes. I prepped the limo to receive the men who were now obviously well versed in the finer points of sampling copious amounts of top-notch whiskey. Once on board the gang had a unanimous request. They all wanted to take a quick spin by the bachelorette party where Steph Moore, the bride to be, and all of her friends could see the unbelievable ride the boys were sharing. Sound system set to near max, sunroof open, and six voices screaming the chorus to Fortunate Son, we headed off to the apartment where the ladies had apparently been keeping their own vigil since 10:00 am that morning.

Steph and the ladies were waving, cheering, and screaming as we drove up. I let the gentlemen pile out and the whole crowd spent several minutes sharing the details about each other’s celebrations. I suddenly felt sorry for the ladies since they had not had the benefit of Mic’s planning talents, so I offered them the opportunity to take a quick five-minute ride around the block. I didn’t have to ask twice. The ladies were onboard and Born to Be Wild was barely distinguishable above their cheers and screams. In short order the guys were again in the Hippie Limo and we were on our way back to the groom’s house were the group was presumably going straight to bed for a good night’s sleep at the wee hour of 7:00 pm. 😉

When I dropped the guys off to continue their party indoors I received a hail of high-fives, thank-yous, and peace signs. “Man, did you look back and see all of those smiles we were wearing?” asked Mic as he shook my hand. “You made this a great time, man!” said Jeff the groom. ” Here is hoping a lot more safe, sane, and respectful bachelors (and bachelorettes) have a “Mic” planning their special celebrations!

The Bachelor Party - Mic, Jeff, Justin, Kyle M., Kyle J., & KevinStranahan's Colorado Whiskey and the Rackhouse PubThe Ladies of the Stranahan's Crew

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