Advice for Using the Hippie Limo as a Shuttle for Your Wedding or Commitment Celebration

The Hippie Limo - Denver & Boulder's Premier Retro-Mod Vintage RideStarting the Hippie Limo has been a learning experience, and the last year has yielded some best practices in making the Hippie Limo a part of a couple’s big day. Below are suggestions for using the Hippie Limo as an oh-so-special shuttle service for their wedding or commitment. Remember that we have a six passenger maximum, which means you will have to do some planning if you want to shuttle a number of guests during your wedding or commitment.

  • Estimate total time for each one-way or round trip for the shuttle (pickup to dropoff and/or return to pickup location, for example) using something like Google Maps or Mapquest. Then add between 3-5 minutes for each estimate to be on the safe side.
  • Create a shuttle departure timetable for each specific location or event and provide it to the guests at their respective lodgings as well as post it on every reception table and at the bar or catering table (if there is one) so that all guests have a way to see when a ride will be arriving or departing from a location. Make it clear which part of the timetable is for trips from one location to another. Be sure to indicate the maximum number of passengers per trip and highlight the time of the last trip to or from any location.
  • Go a step further and create assigned seating for each shuttle trip (based on the seating chart at the reception tables or some other existing ordered list of guests to make things easier for you to plan and easier for your guests to remember). In conjunction with the timetable this should make sure that all guests are transported before the start of an event and at the end of the evening in workable numbers. If this is not done there is a risk that at some point (usually just before the ceremony or at the very end of the evening) there will be a line of guests waiting transportation and no room for them.
  • Make an announcement about the shuttle, schedule, and assigned seating at the beginning of the reception as well as at least two or three times throughout.
  • Task your wedding party, coordinator, or other reliable persons to round-up guests at the departure times and help them get to their ride. You can be tech-savvy about it and in addition send out texts to each party’s cell phones to give them a 10-15 minute heads-up on the time they will be leaving. For those with smart phones you can send out emails with schedules for each part of the evening in advance. That said, don’t rely on technology to be sure your guests make their departure times. Nothing substitutes for a friendly reminder from a person.
  • Decide on and reserve a specific spot for pickups and dropoffs and then provide signage to help direct guests to the location. Also post a copy of the timetable at the location. Establishing a consistent pickup point is critical, especially in cases where guests may have enjoyed themselves a bit more than expected and could end up getting lost. You can kick it up a notch and include a kitchen timer or other battery-powered clock at the pickup location to really help keep the guests on track.
  • Last, but surely not least, check all event calendars for the city and local venues (concert halls, hotels, festival pavilions, etc,) to be sure there are no events that might impact travel times to the venues, hotels, B&Bs, or other lodgings. All it takes is one unexpected event and the associated traffic or road closures to turn a five-minute trip into a 25 minute trip.

If this much planning doesn’t sound like your cup of tea or you just have too many guests in your entourage, you could consider choosing another limo service that offers vehicles with larger seating capacity or can provide more vehicles for the event. There are several limo companies in Denver that can provide both of these benefits. Take a look at our article on Denver & Boulder Limousine Options, Rates, and Advice for Weddings and Special Occasions – Making the Decision to help you find just the right service at the right price for you.

Of course, should you choose another company it will certainly not be able to give you the one-of-a-kind experience in riding in the icon of an era, nor will your guests be able to boast about having been in one of the most unique rides in Denver or Boulder. As one group of passengers observed on a night out in our Samba, “A Hummer sure doesn’t get you the smiles, reactions, or peace signs like you get in the Hippie Limo!” 😉

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When you’re ready, check out our Limo Packages & Rates or our Beer, Wine & Sights Tours to see what  we can do for your wedding, commitment, or other special occasion!


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