Buffalo Bill Days Parade and Car Show (and Justine’s Birthday!): Golden, CO – 7/28/2012

The Hippie Limo - Denver & Boulder's Premier Retro-Mod Vintage RideJuly seems to be a busy month for the Hippie Limo just as it was last year! Last week we displayed our Samba in the 1st Annual Starlite Diner‘s Classic Car Show to benefit Colorado Special Olympics. There the Hippie Limo won its first show award – 3rd Place for Orignal Stock Restoration 1960-84! Right on the heals of that event was the famous Buffalo Bill Days celebrations in the old-west’s Golden, CO.

The Hippie Limo was lucky enough to be selected to roll in one of the main events, the Buffalo Bill Days Parade. We had a wonderful spot in the middle of the parade and showcased four professionals from the Colorado School of Mines who danced and waved from the Hippie Limo’s sunroof to the 12,000+ spectators. The moment the crowds saw us coming they collectively smiled and then burst into laughter when they saw our Hippie Limo.com – Weddings & Special Occasions signs. I love how people react when they discover we are an actual limo service.

The parade went by all too fast but we still had more on our plate the following day when the Hippie Limo opened its doors for Justine Davis, Chelsea Walzack, Robin Braa, Karen Bolis, and Kathy Smith for their ride to Golden for a day of shopping and fun. Justine’s parents had given her one of the Hippie Limo’s gift certificates for a free ride for her birthday. This particular gift certificate was from our donation to the Crescendo! Big Sound Fundraiser to benefit Rocky Mountain Center for Musical Arts. We all enjoyed our ride along the Front Range mountains as we gazed through the 21-windows of the Microbus and watched the sky roll by through the 5-foot canvas open-air sunroof. I dropped off the crew in Golden for a shopping spree and then joined the Buffalo Bill’s Car Show on Washington Street presented by the Colorado chapter of the Antique Automotive Club of America.

The Hippie Limo played meet-and-greet to about 5,000 car fans while it waited to spirit the ladies back home. You can imagine the delight on their faces when they unexpectedly saw their personal chariot being the subject of so much attention. Right in the middle of the show I opened up the doors and helped the ladies board, much to the envy of all of the onlookers, and then took them on their music-filled ride back home. All in all, a great day for everyone!

Hippie Limo - Buffalo Bill Days Parade - Golden, CO

Hippie Limo - Spectators at the Buffalo Bill Days Car Show - Golden, CO

Hippie Limo - Buffalo Bill Days Car Show - Golden, CO

Hippie Limo - Justine's Birthday Ride - Golden, CO

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