Denver & Boulder Limousine Options, Rates, and Advice for Weddings and Special Occasions – Making the Decision

The Hippie Limo - Denver & Boulder's Premier Retro-Mod Vintage RideChoosing the right limo service for your wedding or special occasion – the combination of amenities, quality and type of vehicles, good service, and budget-friendly pricing – can be difficult. Denver-metro residents have a host of limo services to choose from, especially if they are looking for the standard stretch towncar, SUV, or party bus. On the other hand there are only a handful of services that offer classic, antique, unique, and vintage limos like the Hippie Limo.

Most limo services offer the modern limo experience – partial or full bars, lots of neon in the interior with nightclub styling, and the cache of a sleek machine for your ride. Though the Hippie Limo’s completely period dealer-showroom restoration does not allow for these sort of extras (nor would we want them to spoil the experience), it does have its own appeal for those with retro-mod tastes. If you want to jump over and see what the Hippie Limo charges for service, go over to Limo Packages & Rates.

The Chase

If you are the kind of person who just wants the basic information (without all of the details that will likely explain the variation between published and actual pricing), then here you go:

On average, for a 6-passenger luxury SUV limo (not stretched) in the Denver Metro you can expect to pay a base $200 for a standard 3-hour minimum and $65 for each additional hour NOT INCLUDING taxes or a mandatory 20% gratuity.

The Details

Now read below to learn more about pricing factors and variations and to find links to the published pricing for specific companies.

If you are doing web searches to find out just what sort of hit to the pocket-book a limo will mean for your wedding or special occasion, you will often find yourself having to call the service for a quote as pricing is dependent on several factors, including but not limited to:

  • Season
  • Vehicle
  • Time of day
  • Occasion
  • Gratuity
  • Fuel prices and other ever-changing operating costs

Still, there are several companies who publish and presumably regularly update their hourly rates, a few of which I will list for you below. A common misconception is that limos bill similarly to taxis, meaning they bill by the time it takes to make a trip. Mostly this is not so except in the case of airport or concert services. It doesn’t matter if you will only physically be in the limo for a couple of hours, if you plan on having a 6-hour night on the town you will be paying for 6-hours of service. This is because the limo will be at your command for those hours and is unable to service other customers during that time. As I said, this is not always the case but it is how the vast majority of companies work their billing.

Considerations in Pricing a Limo Service in Denver

To help you the savvy consumer try to get some idea of just what you will pay for a limo ride in our area I have collected a few of the Denver sites with rates pages below. Before you take them at face value you should be aware of the following restrictions that may apply. Or put another way, the lower rates they list are based on limitations on service that may not actually apply to your specific occasion or situation:

  • Season: Prom, Wedding, and Concert seasons (May-ish to October-ish) are more expensive than off-seasons because of demand.
    • Note: The Hippie Limo only operates from April to October and only has one price structure.
  • Weekday, Weekend, or Time-of-Day: Rates will vary depending on the days and times you want service. Obviously the more popular days and times (weekends and evenings) command the more expensive rates.
    • Note: The Hippie Limo’s rates are the same regardless of day or time.
  • Occasion: Limo companies know that some occasions warrant a more premium price on service because people are just willing to pay more for their special occasion. A limo for a wedding or prom is usually more special than a night out. Funerals are usually another matter.
    • Note: The Hippie Limo is “agnostic” when it comes to occasion. Meaning it doesn’t matter what you want to use it for, it is one price.
  • Distance: Limos have their lowest rates the closer they provide service to their respective garages. Obviously it takes longer and costs more for a limo to provide service to a suburb or rural area than it does to downtown locations where most companies are based. The posted rates usually are for the metro area and can vary depending on pickup and drop-off destinations.
    • Note: The Hippie Limo includes travel charges in our base hourly rate provided pickup and dropoff locations are within a 30-mile radius of Boulder City Center (that’s radius, not actual road miles – see Contact & Booking for more details). Any travel to mountain towns and as well as travel to areas outside this radius will incur an extra charge to cover our additional costs (again, see Contact & Booking for details). The Hippie Limo is also limited by our insurance to operation within a 50-mile radius of Downtown Denver (again, radius, not miles travelled).
  • Amenities: Most limos have some level of luxuries such as bars and decor. That being said, the lower priced limos will have less stylish or extravagant presentations. Generally, the larger the vehicle the more indulgent and impressive the perks you get.
    • Note: The Hippie Limo lacks pretty much all of these luxuries as I mentioned above. Some “luxuries” you might expect, such as air-conditioning or heating, are also lacking. The former was pretty rare on any car in 1965 and the latter was never much on the old Microbuses in the first place. Even so, this is almost never an issue regarding the comfort of passengers as the 5-foot open-air sunroof and front opening Safari windshields usually keep the temperature very moderate.
  • Hourly Minimum: Most services have an hourly minimum, usually about 3-4 hours. When you look at their page they will use a grid to distinguish between the type of vehicle and its associated hourly rate and minimums. Some companies begin their hourly charge when they arrive to pick you up and end their charge when you exit the vehicle at the end of your booking (pickup to drop off); Other companies charge from the moment their vehicle leaves the garage to pick you up and continue charging until to the moment it returns to the garage after dropping you off (garage to garage).
    • Note: The Hippie Limo has a 3-hour minimum, which is pretty standard. We charge based on scheduled hourly booking and not on garage t0 garage travel (we do have a service charge in cases where we leave our free travel area, however).
  • Vehicle Selection: You really have a range of options to meet your desires with most companies (save for classic cars). You can have a basic towncar (which will still be very nice) that seats 2 passengers; a van, stretch towncar, or regular SUV which usually seats 6-8 passengers; and finally a stretch SUV or bus which can seat anywhere from 12-26 or so. As you go up in vehicle capacity you go up in price. Towncars usually bill out between $65 and $85 and hour, whereas the coveted stretch dual axle Hummer behemoth can run $180 an hour or more.
    • Note: The Hippie Limo is our one and only vehicle. I am a full-time at-home dad of two children. In an effort to fill that pesky income gap that results from having a devoted at-home parent, I am trying to find a way to make some money with my classic car.
  • Classic or Modern: Newer limos are surprisingly less expensive to acquire and maintain than older ones, so classic, antique, and vintage limos demand a premium over modern cars. Though price is a consideration, you just cannot beat the photos at a wedding or other occasion that come along with hiring a car such as a Rolls Royce, Bently, or similar (a 1965 21-Window Deluxe VW Microbus, for example ;-). You can easily expect to pay between $130-$180 an hour for one of these beauties (and you are often charged for roundtrip travel from/to their garage in addition to your actual hours of service). I you can stretch your budged to include a classic limo, you won’t regret it when it comes to the general “wow” factor in your guests’ reactions as well as in the “pop” you will have in your photographs.
    • Note: The Hippie Limo bills out at about the same rate as a stretch towncar with most companies (sometimes a little higher), which is quite a bit less than one of the more ritzy options – though admittedly less prestigious. Check out our Weddings & Commitments page as well as our Photo Gallery to see what sort of photos you might expect to have if you hire the Hippie Limo.
  • Gratuities, Taxes, and Charges: Published pricing for many services may not include a mandatory 20% “gratuity,” a 5% fuel surcharge, or other applicable taxes and charges. These can add up if the service uses them. Usually the service will have a disclaimer near the pricing grid that lets you know these extras are not included in the base pricing.
    • Note: The Hippie Limo has all taxes and charges (other than mentioned above for some travel) included in its base rate. Gratuities are never expected or required (but they are sure appreciated!)
    • Special Note on the term “Gratuity:” Most limousine companies book their vehicles at a rate plus a 20% gratuity, also called a “chauffeur’s fee.” The use of the word “gratuity” is misleading as it leads most customers to think they are tipping the driver in advance. In fact, the 20% is the driver’s base wage. This is what the company pays the driver for her or his hard work; drivers rarely get an hourly wage.

The above points cover most considerations you will have in pricing a limo service for your wedding or other special occasion. The bit of guidance above is not meant to show how the Hippie Limo is better than other services. Indeed, we don’t offer much of what they do — other than a one-of-a-kind experience in a 60’s icon, of course.

Some Denver and Boulder Area Limo Rates and Services

As promised, below are links to some companies in the Denver and Boulder area that publish their limo rates in some form on the web. Though it is not possible to compare “apples to apples” when considering our Limo Packages & Rates along with theirs, it should give you some starting point on pricing.

On average, for a 6-passenger luxury SUV limo (not stretched) in the Denver Metro you can expect to pay a base $200 for a standard 3-hour minimum and $65 for each additional hour. This pricing DOES NOT INCLUDE taxes or a mandatory 20% gratuity. Nor does it account for extra charges for high-demand days, hours, or occasions.

The companies below are presented in no particular order and the Hippie Limo does not endorse any service nor does it know whether or not the rates on the pages are up-to-date or if the considerations listed above apply in all cases.

Denver and Boulder Area Classic, Vintage, Antique, or Unique Limo Services

Our area does have a few choices when it comes to renting an unusual limo for your wedding or special occasion. Check out the ones below.

Other Advice When Hiring a Limo and Denver

Visit the sites below for good advice and “gotchas” to watch out for when renting a limo. To see the Hippie Limo’s operation credentials go to Contact & Booking and scroll to the bottom of the page.

More Wedding & Commitment Adventures!

Curious about the fun other couples have had with the Hippie Limo on their special day? We have stories and pictures galore:

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  • Visit Weddings & Commitments for a complete rundown of all of our wedding related activities
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  • Be inspired by wedding pictures from around the world that feature vintage VWs on Pinterest.
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  • Hop over to In the Press to see what the media and blogosphere are saying about us
  • Preview a ride in the Hippie Limo from The Experience
  • Click on the services listed on the Hippie Limo main page to explore other fun options

When you’re ready, check out our Limo Packages & Rates or our Beer, Wine & Sights Tours to see what  we can do for your wedding, commitment, or other special occasion!


Do you have a company or other resource to add? Tell us about it with a comment in the Leave a Reply box below. If you need help making a comment, see the instructions on our Word on the Street page.

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