Jehnna & Michael’s Wedding: Boulder Chautauqua Park – 10/1/2011

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Q: How do you know the Bride and Groom at a wedding are both from Wyoming?
A: Their wedding outfits perfectly match their cowboy boots.

So finds the Hippie Limo at the wedding of Jehnna Foster and Michael Mahoney in its last outing as a limousine for the 2011 season. Though Jehnna and Micheal are not citizens of the Republic of Boulder, or of Colorado, they do have a streak of the boho and alternative in them, as is evident by their choice of wedding location, Boulder‘s beautiful Chautauqua Park. I have been to many weddings as a guest, and a few as a the Hippie Limo’s driver, and in my opinion their ceremony was the most perfect example of balance between tradition and whimsy I have seen yet.

Collecting the bride-to-be, her father, her maid of honor, and three of her bridesmaids was the first order of business, followed quickly by a stop at a lovely house in downtown Boulder for a photo opportunity. Next was the big trip to Chautauqua where the ceremony began almost immediately. The ceremony itself was brief, as most seem to be these days, but the time for guests to chat with and congratulate the lucky couple was long (as it should be).

Afterward there were two trips scheduled to the reception at Bacaro Venetian Taverna in Boulder, one for select bridesmaids and groomsmen, followed by another just for the lucky couple to allow them to decompress. Traffic was building after a University of Colorado Boulder football game, which meant a far longer than usual commute to downtown for the first crew. My standard wedding song list was playing on the sound system, and I asked if anyone would prefer something more rockin’; an offer that was quickly acknowledged by a bridesmaid’s request for Kanye. Though I could not oblige as my iPod only has room for my 60’s collection, I would have been happy to play his tunes had the party had an iPod or disc on them at the time. Instead, they made do with a bit of Creedence Clearwater Revival.

After dropping off the penultimate party at Bacaro it was back into the fray to pick up the happy couple who were just finishing with the first batch of photographs. Another session of photos in the Hippie Limo and then a sudden rain shower preceded a timely departure for the reception. Jehnna and Michael relaxed in the back during our more abbreviated ride to their reception (thankfully, the traffic was now thinning as the game’s spectators were reaching their respective destinations or managing to leave Boulder altogether). The newly minted Mahoneys exited the Hippie Limo to a hail of cheers from the crowds dining outside or passing by Bacaro and the couple were then off to their celebration and new lives together.

What a great way to end a season, and best of luck to Jehnna and Michael!

Hippie Limo - Jehnna and Michael Mahoney – Bride and Groom: Boulder Chautauqua – A Romantic Kiss

Hippie Limo - Jehnna and Michael Mahoney Wedding – Bride and Groom: Boulder Chautauqua – Happy (and Sly) Smiles

Hippie Limo - Jehnna & Michael's Wedding - Bridal Party: Boulder Chautauqua Park - Lucky Wedding Party Riders

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