Denver Children’s Diabetes Foundation’s Carousel Ball – 10/1/2011

The Hippie Limo

In second grade I recall one of my friends often having to leave class for something that required the school nurse to stop by the room. One day I asked my friend why she had to leave. She said that she had to get a shot. I wasn’t sure why she was getting a shot so often, but just the idea of it made me wince. Years later I figured out that she was receiving insulin for diabetes. I remember her refraining from eating certain sugary things during lunch, and seeing her sometimes feel isolated from the other children because they were a bit suspicious of her leaving class so often. Young children can sometimes go out of their way to find reasons to exclude other children. I remember feeling very sad for her when she sat alone on the playground. Most days I sat with her or we played tether ball or hop scotch. I think she became my first crush!

I have no idea what happened to her. Having moved at least a dozen times since the second grade I have no idea how to contact her, either. But when I saw an advertisement for The Carousel Ball, a Children’s Diabetes Foundation at Denver event to be held on October 1, 2011 at the Denver Marriott City Center, I wanted to honor her in a way symbolic of how I felt for her. The Hippie Limo will be donating a Magical Mystery Tour to the foundation’s silent action at the event.

Here’s to you, Beth, wherever you are.


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