Peter’s 60th Birthday and Downtown Denver Bar Crawl – 9/3/2011

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The Hippie Limo is not in the habit of doing bar crawls. Though we fully appreciate people enjoying themselves and letting us do the driving, we have a policy of not participating in rides where the goal is to become raucously intoxicated. However, when Jane Biglin contacted me two months ago about booking the Hippie Limo for her husband Peter’s 60th surprise birthday celebration with his friends, I felt reasonably comfortable taking the gig. I am glad I did. I met some of the most interesting characters yet to take a ride in our wayback machine. Each one of Peter’s friends were either former air-cooled VW owners or had been frequent passengers in them. Peter had especially fond memories of V-dubs, and as it turned out, a few hair-raising stories regarding them from his youth (none of which I can relate here as I am not sure if the statute of limitations has expired ;-)).

After making a few wrong turns as a result of having been unexpectedly deprived of my GPS earlier in the day, I arrived at the Biglin residence. I had just pulled up in front and shut off the engine when I heard a piercing whistle from Peter’s son Owen followed by a stealthy arm-waiving signal to pull around to the back of the house. As I did, Peter and his friends emerged, emitting a collective and simultaneous gasp and shout. You could see their anticipation brimming in their eyes as I went through my now customary but brief safety lecture on riding in the Hippie Limo. Once aboard and rolling, Peter cranked up the custom playlist of 60’s music that his wife had put together from our collection to a healthy volume (where it remained for the rest of the evening). First stop was Fado’s Pub in Denver’s Lodo District for an excellent dinner (and as Jane put it, something to give Peter a firm base to start the evening), followed by a saunter over to the Celtic Tavern on Denver’s Blake Street for an additional tipple. When they were ready for the next destination they called and I quickly pulled up to the door. When I arrived, a crowd of other bar crawlers outside the pub began cheering at the site of the microbus and of the now well lubricated (but quite politely so) crew of gentlemen getting in. Cream‘s Sunshine of Your Love announced our departure and the closing riffs of Jimi Hendrix‘s’ Purple Haze heralded our arrival at our next stop, the Irish Hound on Denver’s St. Paul Street.

After another round the gentlemen were once again in their seats. Even though The DoorsAlabama Song was playing when the crew piled in (the chorus in the song is “Show me the way to the next whiskey bar . . . “ in case you are not familiar with it), it was obvious that everyone had had their fill for the evening. Each of Peter’s friends took their turn sitting in front with me to help guide me to their respective homes (again, a result of my now absent GPS). The loss didn’t seem too bad in retrospect as having them sit in front gave me a moment to learn a bit about each man and get a glimpse into his personality. The evening ended with the return to Jane and Peter’s home and the slow but happy exit of the remaining occupants. I sincerely enjoyed the evening and look forward to a similar evening if or when one of the travellers decides to hire the Hippie Limo for their birthday.

Peter Biglin's 60th Birthday Pub Craw

Peter Biglin's 60th Birthday Pub Crawl - All Aboard

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