Cynthia’s Quinceañera: Red & Jerry’s Event Center – 7/24/2011

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Early Sunday afternoon found the Hippie Limo arriving in Thornton for Cynthia’s trip to her quinceañera at Red and Jerry’s in Sheridan. This was the first quinceañera for the Hippie Limo (which isn’t particularly surprising since I am just getting started at this as a business, which makes almost every event a first). The anticipation was high for me, but I am sure it was nothing compared to what Cynthia and her family were experiencing. When the Hippie Limo arrived, Cynthia was still making her last-minute preparations. Her brother Erick invited me to sit outside and chat while his sister continued the process of making everything just perfect for her grand entry. In typical male fashion, Erick was waiting to the last-minute to put on his suit and was currently keeping himself cool and relaxed in his t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers.

In conversation Erick proved to be a very mature and knowledgable young man, especially for being only 16. I learned that he was a worn but dedicated veteran of quinceañeras and had a lot of advice to offer about them. Shortly, Cynthia emerged in her shimmering turquoise gown, complete with classic lined sequins, corset pleats, and full skirt in draping arched layers. She was stunning, and the only thing that could eclipse her appearance was her beaming smile. The photographer appeared, seemingly from nowhere, and Cynthia immediately and effortlessly slipped into model poses with the Hippie Limo. In short order Erick came out of the house and took his place at her side. I was surprised to see him in a flawlessly white and perfectly pressed Marine JROTC dress uniform, though I should have expected something similar based on the maturity I had remarked on earlier. He was handsome and proud, she was elegant and beautiful – just what you would expect from both on such a day.

After a few more photographs, Cynthia, Erick, their cousins Lisbeth and Oscar, and Cynthia’s mom Alicia settled into the Samba for their ride to the ceremony. Though I had the sunroof open for the pictures, I quickly closed it before heading out. After all of the time she had obviously spent getting her hair just right, it would have been a shame to have the wind whip it into a tangle. We were on the road through Denver, the girls chatting wildly about the splendor yet to come and the boys in quiet contemplation. Occasionally Alicia and I would lean in to one another to talk, and I learned that her grandfather had had a Kombi (a basic version of our Samba) that she had ridden in as a child. Between taking a half-dozen phone calls to check and finalize arrangements and her singing and bouncing along to the 60s music playing, she seemed both overjoyed and exhausted.

We arrived at Red and Jerry’s and I let Cynthia and Erick stand in the now open sunroof and approach the portico in parade style. Again the photographer appeared from nowhere to capture the moment. As the guests of honor and their family emerged from the Hippie Limo they were all smiles. I am sure that the ride had been enjoyable, but it was the pageantry inside that was calling to them and making them genuinely happy. The Hippie Limo was a small part of their wonderful day and we are glad to have had a part in such an important event in a young woman’ s life.

Cynthia's Quinceañera - Brother and Sister

Cynthia's Quinceañera - Relaxed Pose

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2 responses

  1. Cynthia

    Thank you so much for everything! It was truly an amazing experience 🙂 I had a great time, and the special “parade” entrance you allowed us to do was incredible. Thank you once again for sharing this experience with us! I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as my family and I did 🙂

    August 3, 2011 at 12:57 PM

  2. Thank you so much for such a fun and amazing ride. I’d never thought of the VW bus as fun, but the trip from home to Red & Jerry certainly changed that. You were a very interesting person to talk to as well and that made the whole day, not just the trip, just that much more interesting. I would also like to thank you for helping make my sister’s day even more special. I could tell she really enjoyed the “limo,” the pictures and the the parade entrance especially. Once again, thank you for everything, and I have a feeling this is something I won’t ever forget 🙂

    August 5, 2011 at 4:06 PM

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