Amy & Tim’s Wedding: Boulder Sunrise Amphitheater – 7/1/2011

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A long weekend is a perfect time to get married. All of your potential guests have likely already set aside time in their schedules and everyone will be able to enjoy an extended time of celebration. That is probably what was going through the minds of Amy Cramer, instructor at the Boulder College of Massage Therapy, and Tim Meewusen, chef at Mountain Brewery, when they were planning their July 1 wedding at Boulder’s Sunrise Amphitheater atop Flagstaff mountain near beautiful Chautauqua Park. Their officiant, Jude Herr, the winner of the Hippie Limo’s Magical Mystery Tour Package donated to Boulder’s Food, Libation, & Independent Cinema, made their day even more special by giving them her “ticket to ride” for their wedding day.

The Hippie Limo arrived at the Rembrandt Yard in Boulder where the couple was making last-minute checks and arrangements as their guests gathered for the trip up. Several of Amy and Tim’s friends loitered outside with me chatting about the couple while admiring our Samba. Amy’s attendants were the first to walk out the door and see their special ride. Exclamations of “Oh my god, how CUTE!” were followed by similar comments from the other attendants and the emerging guests. The trip up to the amphitheater was exclusively for the bride and her attendants, one of whom told a brief story about her time living in a microbus that was very similar to the Hippie Limo, though not quite as pretty. Once we were rolling and the wedding playlist was going, the attendants serenaded the bride with The Beatles‘ “I Want to Hold Your Hand” and Herman’s Hermits‘ “I’m Into Something Good.” I smiled to myself as I listened, occasionally singing along, albeit quietly. Judging from the voices I heard coming out of the back of the Hippie Limo, at least one of the attendants has a serious shot at American Idol.

Atop Flagstaff the bride and her entourage stepped out into a wonderful sunny late afternoon; a turn of weather for which everyone was grateful given that the day before it had been raining and lightening during the rehearsal. Though it was warm, a breeze and a fair amount of shade in the audience area kept things moderately comfortable for the guests’ arrival. Celtic music from a trio of musicians resolved into a slow but spirited march as the wedding party approached the stage. Amy and Tim had their own vows which Judy recited to them as what seemed like the whole of Boulder county spread out as a backdrop behind them. Though the ceremony itself was brief, the emotion was strong, and soon the couple were making their way up the steps to the Hippie Limo, where by the groom’s request, rockin’ songs by Steppenwolf and The Rolling Stones had replaced the earlier romantic crooning.

Down the mountain we went (just a bit slower than we had come up) and the couple were off to their long-awaited reception. After the meal at the Rembrandt Yard the couple had planned to continue the festivities in the Catacombs beneath the Hotel Boulderado until the wee hours of the morning (or more accurately, 11:00 PM, which by my reckoning counts as the wee hours these days). It was a fantastic day for all involved, including myself. Not only did the Hippie Limo get to do a wedding (its favorite type of excursion), but I was fortunate enough to meet several intriguing personalities, including one Ed Rinaldi, a poet in Albany, NY who “paints himself blind with words” [sic] at his blog The Blind Lantern and on Twitter at @blindedbeatpoet.

Amy & Tim Wedding - Sunrise Amphitheater - Boulder, CO - 7/1/2011

Hippie Limo - Amy & Tim's Wedding - Bride and Groom: Sunrise Amphitheater - All Aboard

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One response

  1. If you’re looking for a limo for your wedding ~ the Hippie Limo is quite the charmer!! Richard was a wonderful escort for the bride and bridesmaids and it was nice to hang out while the guests were leaving and listen to the wonderful sound system. – – Jude Herr (i’m the lucky friend that got to marry the happy couple – congrats Tim & Amy!)

    July 14, 2011 at 4:20 PM

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