Sing Along with Willie Nelson: Red Rocks Amphitheater – 6/21/2011

The Hippie Limo

Tuesday evening was a highlight on Patty and Jerry’s social calendar. As the winners of a Night (or Day) on the Town package donated by the Hippie Limo to the  Colorado Environmental Coalition‘s Rebel with a Cause Gala, they chose to use their “ticket to ride” to transport themselves in retro style to the Willie Nelson concert at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, CO. The Hippie Limo, their green limousine for the evening, picked up the couple in Lodo just as the evening traffic was starting to snarl. Patty flagged down the Hippie Limo from the curbside, her eyes every bit as full of excitement and energy as her waving arms. In the short time it took to hop out of the driver’s seat and run around the car, a small crowd had already begun to gather and gawk. Like pros, the couple hopped into the limo, poked their heads out of the sunroof, and began posing for pictures.

Once settled in, we began the first leg of our journey to meet some of their friends at the Morrison Inn for dinner. We took a route through Denver rather than heading straight for the highway. I informed Jerry that I had a strategy in choosing this route. Half of the fun is being in the Hippie Limo, I said. The other half is being seen in the Hippie Limo. Sure enough, both on the city streets and on the highway, the couple received more smiles, peace signs, and hang ten waves than they could have possibly expected. Rolling into Morrison itself was no different, with both Harley riders and Hummer drivers giving us nods of approval.

We picked up their friends Bob and Lisa in front of the Morrison Inn to take a short cruise up Bear Creek Canyon towards Evergreen, CO before dinner. Bob and Lisa took a moment to adjust to the time dilation that usually occurs when newbies first see and then enter the Hippie Limo, but they quickly became accustomed to the time warp. In a few short moments, with the canyon-framed sky washing down through the sunroof and skylight windows, both couples were laughing, sharing stories, and trying to identify the bands playing on the 60’s soundtrack. The refrain of all parties during the ride as they looked up at the sunny canyon sailing by above their heads: “Wow, you never see the canyon quite like this normally, do you!”

After a while we turned around and headed back down to Morrison where the couples had a nice meal before then heading up to the glorious Red Rocks Amphitheater. They exited the Samba at the top of the amphitheater while it was briefly parked alongside several gorgeous white BMW stretch limos (an exercise in contrast). The couples went in to hear Willie’s crooning while your’s truly found a spot in one of the lower parking lots to read and wait to take them home.

In retrospect, I am not sure who had more of a show that evening, those watching the stage or me watching the carnival in the parking lot. I didn’t get much reading done, but I did meet several interesting people, not the least of which was a young woman named Angie whose job as a restroom and facilities cleaner for the parks and recreation department had given her a number of stories to tell that didn’t so much dance the line between silly and surreal as posthole it. The evening ended with a nice cruise home hearing about Patty and Jerry’s past travel adventures to Alaska in their Airstream and their future plans for other parts of the country. Perhaps another Hippie Limo cruise to parts unknown will also be on their social calendar.

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  1. P.H.

    Thanks again for a good time!!!! Great memories of the Hippie Limo!
    Stay cool…

    July 7, 2011 at 3:03 PM

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