Denver Children’s Hospital “Giddy Up” & “Caring and Curing” Galas and Silent Auctions – 6/23/2011 and 9/10/2011

The Hippie Limo

Helping others has always been a part of my life, but never more so than when I had my first child. For the first time I really understood how it feels to KNOW that you would give your life for someone without hesitation. I also began to understand what it meant to want to be sure that EVERYTHING you do contributes to the love and support your child needs.

On the odd side of this otherwise noble realization is that I now possess an over-sensitivity to situations where a movie’s child characters experience even the smallest trials or inconsiderations. This is apparently true even when I watch a comedy.  I found out how easily I can be triggered when my wife and I rented The Hangover. In  case you do not know, the movie is about a group of  friends who wake up the morning after a bachelor party with absolutely no idea of what had happened the night before. They spend the following two days reconstructing the tangled and surreal events of their party, with a particular goal of finding one of their missing friends – the groom! The first clue they uncover regarding their misadventures is a three-month old baby in a closet of their wrecked hotel room.

For the first 20 minutes or so of the film they carry this baby around with them, cracking jokes at each others’ expense (and occasionally at the baby’s) and pulling a few hijinks. What was going through my mind this whole time? Instead of appreciating the humor and laughing, I was raving to my wife saying “When were they going to change that baby?” “Surely,” I said, “it had soiled its diaper by now. How bad would that diaper rash be? Do they have any cream? Why haven’t they fed that baby yet?” In the context of the film it had been hours. Breast fed or formula fed, that child certainly would be hungry. And why wasn’t the movie showing them going to a grocery store and getting some milk and a bottle! I began to fret about how abandoned the baby must feel being removed from its mother and wondering what long term consequences this might have for the child’s development.

As you can imagine, my wife, though she appreciated my feelings, became a bit annoyed with the commentary. Especially since the baby in the movie showed no signs of distress about any of these things. Thank goodness that the baby was reunited with its mother within a few minutes after my last remark about how these guys were talking this baby out in the Las Vegas heat in an outfit that was obviously not breathable!

The above brings me to the point of this post. Just a few days ago I was in an urgent care center for something I felt should be looked at sooner rather than later. From across the room and behind several drawn curtains I heard a child come in. I am fairly sure it was a little boy. He was crying for his mother and sounded so very distraught. Though I know I should not have eavesdropped, I couldn’t help but hear the doctors trying to calm him down and attempting to find out more about what was hurting him. I could not make out much through the sobs, but when the doctors left him they paused just outside of my drawn curtain and began talking. They were whispering, but still I could make out that the child was having complications from some sort of ongoing treatment. Already torn up from just imagining how terrifying it would be for a child to be hauled into an urgent care even for something as simple as stitches, I begin to have serious sympathy pains. As I was being released I again overheard the doctors saying that everything was going to be alright for the boy after a very easy treatment. It was then that I began to think that it would be a good idea for the Hippie Limo to donate to a child’s care fund of some sort.

I visited Blacktie Colorado, a website that lists all of the charity and fund raising events in Colorado. I found two events held by The Children’s Hospital that were appropriate for donating a ride in the Hippie Limo.

Giddy Up Gala June 23rd, 5:30-11:00
Crooked Willow Farms
10554 South Perry Park Road
Larkspur, CO

The Children’s Hospital Gala – Caring and Curing. September 10, 5:30-11:45
Hyatt Regency Hotel at Colorado Convention Center
650 15th Street
Denver, CO 80202

I sent out offers and had an immediate affirmative response. I will be happy when my offer is redeemed by the lucky winners and hope that a ride in the Hippie Limo would be attractive enough to garner a great deal of funding for The Children’s Hospital. Please go out to these events, have a good time, and bid your hearts out for The Children’s Hospital and the Hippie Limo.


Did you attend this event? Do you have something to add? Tell us about it with a comment in the Leave a Reply box below. If you need help making a comment, see the instructions on our Word on the Street page.

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