Denver Children’s Museum’s 38th Annual Birthday Gala and Silent Action – 6/3/2011

The Hippie Limo

If you’ve ever been to the Children’s Museum of Denver you know the absolute delight that comes to a child’s face when she or he first sees and then touches the interactive displays. I can only imagine what a liberating experience it must be for a child who has heard a thousand times, “No, no. Don’t touch,” to suddenly be free of all such restrictions and restraints. I had never been to such a museum in my childhood. When I was a child people largely believed that children should be seen rarely and heard never. Obviously a whole building full of activities that encouraged children to be free, loud, and inquisitive was not something any adult either imagined or desired. It was when my father-in-law came to town for my son’s first birthday that he and my wife decided we would take a trip to Denver to see the Children’s Museum. I had no idea what to expect.

When I saw the real Fire Engine near the front door, complete with flashing lights and infinitely turnable and pressable buttons and levers, I felt the little child in me jump out for just a moment. The feeling didn’t stop the whole day as we explored the working grocery store where children could not only shop but also ring each other up at the checkout, the huge wooden train set full of tracks, engines, and cars of all sorts, and the seemingly impossibly large rubber room where kids could climb and roll and jump in what would seem complete safety. I was so happy that there was something around like this for my son to experience. I definitely hope we will be able to bring him to the museum often.

When I found out that the Children’s Museum was having a 38th Annual Birthday Gala and silent auction on June 3rd from 6:00 to 10:30, I saw it as an opportunity to show my appreciate for such a wonder adventure in childhood. The Hippie Limo has donated a ride to the museum’s silent auction. We hope it serves them well. Who knows, maybe the Hippie Limo will end up being an exhibit there someday.


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