Boulder’s Food, Libation, & Independent Cinema (FLIC) – 5/25/2011

The Hippie Limo

Boulder’s Food, Libation & Independent Cinema (FLIC) offers a once-a-month independent film series and accompanying variety show like none you’ve ever seen (or should I say scene?). The evening begins with food, drink (alcoholic and not) and a great throwback to the old days, pre-show cartoons! Going beyond just screening films, FLIC also offers up local artists (cinema and other) and live performers for everyone’s enjoyment.

As the FLIC site says, “You’ve never lived a movie like you will at FLIC. From schools to businesses, from hipsters to the hip-replaced, from poets to performers, FLIC is putting the community back in the theater.” In a similar vein you will also never have an evening out (or day cruise, or wedding, or magical mystery tour) like you will in the Hippie Limo. That is why the Hippie Limo will be teaming up with FLIC on May 25th, 2011 for the screening of a special film Nowhere Boy, the story of the teenage  John Lennon. As the father of a toddler and a baby-on-the-way, I rarely have an opportunity to see an art film in the company of other art lovers, so this evening out has a particular draw for me.

Come on out to see a great film, have a wonderful time, and take a gander at the Hippie Limo. Who knows, there might be a ride involved!


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