Birthday Cruise for Julie – 5/10/2011

The Hippie Limo

Julie Urlaub, well-known worldwide as a managing partner for Taiga Company, a sustainability consulting service, is somewhat less well-known for being a former student of mine in the Colorado Mountain Club’s (CMC) acclaimed Wilderness Trekking School (WTS). Beyond both of these high distinctions, she is additionally known as an ever-present friend. When she mentioned during one of our WTS classes that her birthday was coming up, I immediately offered up the Hippie Limo to be her “green limousine” for the evening. Julie quickly began making plans, including setting up a small ‘first five emailers win a ride’ contest to decide who would be her co-celebrators for the evening.

I pulled the Hippie Limo into her driveway on the designated night without her hearing it arrive and spent a good 10 minutes polishing the chrome, sweeping the floors, and setting up the 60s memorabilia, including period Life, Sixteen, Rave, and Popular Mechanics magazines. I also queued up the first song in a special soundtrack created for just the occasion. As her guests began arriving outside they helped me complete the staging before we all lined up in front of her door and rang the bell. As she emerged from her house to greet us, I keyed the remote and Quincy Jones‘s Soul Bossa Nova (my favorite tune for introducing the Hippie Limo to newcomers) began thumping through the neighborhood.

Julie and her crew, who all also happened to be students in the same WTS course, piled into the Samba and began an evening of cruising Golden, Colorado‘s streets, laughing with (and occasionally at) one another, and screaming the lyrics to Steppenwolf‘s Magic Carpet Ride at the top of their lungs. We did have to take a small hiatus in the middle of the festivities to go to that evening’s WTS class, but afterward it was back to the streets, then to Woody’s Woodfired Pizza in Golden for a bit to nosh on as well as something to wet the collective whistles. The evening ended back at her house with the last notes of Wilson Pickett’s Mojo Mamma fading to silence. Here’s to celebrating the night Julie proclaimed, after some interesting mathematics, as her ‘Eighth Birthday.”

Julie has written about her cruise on her Taiga Company blog and on Modern Hippie Mag.

Hippie Limo - Julie Birthday Cruise - The Birthday Girl: Golden, CO

Julie Birthday Cruise - Sunroof Peace

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One response

  1. Richard,
    Truly a wonderful celebration! Riding in the HippieLimo was a dream come true! Modern Hippies RULE and we had the fun and good times to prove it! Thank you so much for a refreshing way to celebrate a special day!
    Julie Urlaub

    June 17, 2011 at 10:20 AM

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