Denver Teen with a Dream Silent Auction – 4/9/2011

The Hippie Limo

My father, mother, uncles, one grandfather, and one grandmother have died of cancer of one variety or another. All of these people at least lived into their middle 60s or a bit longer before their lives were cut short. But what if a life is taken away before it is hardly lived? This is a thought that occurred to me not long after I experienced a life-threatening illness only a few weeks before my first child was born. There are several organizations that help with the medical side of an illness such as cancer, but I began wondering if there was a framework in place for giving emotional support to both children and their parents while they are receiving cancer treatments.

Coming across Teen with a Dream offered me a chance to give something in this vein. Teen with a Dream is charity founded specifically to enrich the lives of pediatric cancer patients and the lives of their families by combating the effects of social isolation and loneliness during chemotherapy, They do this by providing specialized social, educational, and financial programs. The Hippie Limo will be offering a ride to Teen with a Dream’s silent auction on Saturday, April 9, from 5:00-10:00. The event will be held at the Cable Center 2000 Buchtel Blvd. Denver, Colorado (map)

Please come out and give these folks a hand providing the emotional support and care to this particular group of people who need comfort and care so much.

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