Jay Sheridan Memorial Fundraiser in Lafayette – 4/2/2011

The Hippie Limo
The Hippie Limo will be participating in a memorial fundraiser for Jay Sheridan, a Limon police officer who was killed in the line of duty on Wednesday, March 9th while serving a warrant. The fundraiser will be held at  Stan’s Automotive in Lafayette on Saturday, April 2nd from 10:00am – 2:00 pm and is sponsored by both Stan’s and Higgy’s Ice Cream in Westminster. These two business will be working to raise money for Officer Sheridan’s widow and 21-month old daughter.

Stan’s will be performing oil changes in return for a donation to the cause, and Higgy’s will be providing ice cream for a donation, as well. All materials for “Ice Cream and Oil Changes” will be donated by Stan’s, Higgy’s, and their industry partners. One-hundred percent of the money collected will be donated to Officer Sheridan’s Memorial Fund. Numerous law enforcement agencies and fire departments will also have their emergency vehicles on display for both children and adults to view while waiting for their oil change or eating their ice cream.

Hippie Limo is helping out by being the first car to donate and receive an oil change, being on display alongside the emergency vehicles, and offering 10-minute joy rides in exchange for a donation to the cause. Come on out, support a good cause, and take advantage of a quality oil change, some tasty ice cream, and the coolest retro ride around.


Update: 4/3/2011

The benefit was a wonderful success. Stan’s Automotive performed 40+ oil changes, including the Hippie Limo, and Higgy’s Ice Cream served around 60 customers.  As advertised, many law enforcement and fire agencies were on hand, including the Boulder County Sheriff’s Department, the Lafayette Police Department, the Limon Police Department, the Lafayette Fire Department, and the Rocky Mountain Fire and Rescue. You can see a few of the photos below. Both myself and my son were particularly impressed by the Rocky Mountain Fire and Rescue’s massive go-anywhere, do-anything, fire-terminating engine. That thing was HUGE and the operators were gracious enough to allow children of all ages to to explore it.

My son and I made a friend in Ellen, a Lafayette Police Department Officer who gave my son a badge sticker that he is wearing tonight on his pajamas, and we also enjoyed watching older children sit in the uber-cool Dodge Charger Interceptors from the Boulder Country Sheriff Department. (As much as I LOVE my Hippie Limo, I would really like to take a spin in one of these . . . though not in the back, of course! ;-). The Hippie Limo itself garnered more than a few interested parties, and though I have no idea how many people actually stopped and took a look at her, I think most really enjoyed the rockin’ 60s tunes and the flashback (or completely original) experience.

All-in-all, close to 5k in funds were raised for the Jay Sheridan memorial fund which will go to support his widow and daughter.

-Peace, Love, and Smiles-

The Hippie Limo

Rocky Mountain Fire & Rescue Go-Anywhere Engine

Rocky Mountain Fire & Rescue

Boulder County Sheriff Dodge Charger Interceptor

Boulder County Sheriff Dodge Charger Interceptor

The Hippie Limo - Onlookers

The Hippie Limo - Onlookers

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