Keep Boulder Weird (Make Denver Weirder): Book a Ride in the Hippie Limo – A Vintage VW Bus Alternative to the Ho-Hum Stretch Hummer

Hippie Limo - Bride and Groom - Two of a Kind: Boulder Community Foothills Park 

Travel in an Icon; Not a Yawn!

The Hippie Limo is one of the most eye-catching, memorable, and just plain fun rides for weddings, formals, quinceañeras, and other special occasions in the Denver & Boulder areas. With its beautiful showroom-quality restoration and iconic appearance, our vintage 1965 VW Samba Microbus is that one-of-a-kind accessory and splendid centerpiece that will add pizazz to your celebration and pop to your photographs.

Our Samba boasts classic and original features such as two rows of skylight windows, flip-open front Safari windows, and a five-foot open-air canvas sunroof. The one modern touch in this amazing time capsule is a high end sound system that provides a great soundtrack to the experience.

See for yourself the wonderful time our guests have had cruising in our WayBack machine, read the stories behind the amazing photos, take a look at the Hippie Limo’s cousins in the US and overseas, and be inspired by beautiful images of couples and groups enjoying a retro trip like no other.

Ready to make some memories of your own? Check out our Limo Packages & Rates or our Beer, Wine & Spirits Tours and book your Magic Carpet Ride today!

Give you, your guests, and anyone looking your way one more reason to smile on your big day.

Keeping Boulder Weird (Making Denver Weirder)

If you like our microbus and are passionate about supporting small, local businesses (or in this case, one local micro-business), consider taking a few moments to earn some instant karma by spreading the word about the Hippie Limo using the simple actions below. If you’d like to know a bit more about the minds and hearts behind the Hippie Limo before lending us a hand (as well you should), please take a look at our About Us page.

*Take One Groovy Minute*

The steps below will help spread the word about us in a way that our dozens of dollars in operating capital cannot. Even if you’re not local or don’t know anyone in the market for a cool ride like ours, doing these things will definitely help our business grow!

  • Like us on our Facebook page and take a moment to post a brief status update about us on your wall. Something simple like: Check out this groovy VW Bus limo for weddings and proms!
  • Follow us on Twitter @HippieLimo to keep up with our latest adventures and Tweet your friends about us. Perhaps: A VW Bus Limo? Crazy! @HippieLimo
  • Follow us on Pinterest and see our ever-growing collection of pinned photos from special occasions around the world featuring vintage VWs. Consider also pinning us on your page or board.
  • Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to see our (hopefully) growing collection of videos on our rides.
  • Explore the links that describe our activities on our main page, see the sort of fun we can bring to any occasion, and pass on the stories you like using the Sharing buttons at the bottom of each page.
  • Turn to the person next to you or pause a moment with the next person you see and tell them about this cool business you just found out about.

If nothing else, we guarantee you’ll make family, friends, colleagues, and complete strangers smile!

*Take Five Far-Out Minutes*

Getting a high ranking in search engine results through Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and others is important to helping people learn about our business. Most companies pay to have high rankings based on keyword strings like “denver limo.” A free way to get higher search result rankings is to have lots of people enter the same keyword strings that other companies pay for, ask those people to scroll and skim through the pages of results until they find your link, and then have them click on it. Well, that is what this karma-building activity is about.

Visit Google, Bing, or Yahoo! and enter a keyword string from a line below into the Search box. Move through the search results until you find us then click on our page link. Return to the search engine and start again with the next line. If you are really looking for major karma brownie points, do this for all three search engines.

  • Classic Limo Denver
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Note: Even if we are at or near the top of your search results, please click on our link anyway to help hold our place in the rankings.

Peace, Love & The Hippie Limo

Thank you so much for taking time to learn about our service. Double thanks with a cherry on top if you took the time to earn some groovy and far-out karma. If you are curious to know all that we do to market our business, take a look at my blog post How to Market a Hippie Limo 101. We hope to see you on the road!

Miles of Smiles!

Richard Blake – Owner, Operator, Mechanic, Enthusiast (and full-time dad of two)


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